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It is not always zmleeri to understand the rationale of the Commission in its handling of these roles: Despite the fact that the Code of Conduct for Commissioners was reformed in following the revolving door scandals involving the departures of members of the Barroso I Commission, major loopholes remain in both the rules and the way in which they are implemented see annex at the end of this article.

The declaration of activities signed by Special Adviser Kallas released under access to documents had not been updated to mention his new work for Nortal.

It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. This, however, is not a new problem. But the analysis in this report about the departing members of the second Barroso Commission, shows that the revolving door rules remain inadequate and poorly implemented. Many, although not all of these, are unpaid or honorary positions.

Nortal is perhaps the biggest IT services company in the Baltic region and its clients include those from the public and private sectors in the oil, banking, telecoms, and manufacturing sectors.

CEO’s Black Book showed how the Barroso II Commission came to act on behalf of corporations whether it was in the fields of climate, agriculture and food, or finance, economic and fiscal policies.

Following an NGO complaintthe European Ombudsman wrote to Barroso recommending that Petite be replaced ; soon after he ‘resigned’ and was replaced. The requirement to notify should sorulae the period of entitlement for the transitional allowance.

Individually and collectively they are responsible for initiating and negotiating laws and regulations affecting million citizens.


This Special Address reminded us of his lifelong struggle to end apartheid, and pay homage to his worldwide impact for a more just and equitable society, including the empowerment of women.

In our view, these roles should not have been authorised by the Commission. Ukrainian Business Ombudsman The ban on lobbying should be extended to a full three years and it should explicitly cover both direct and indirect lobbying. Get our monthly newsletter. The committee rejects the possibility of a conflict of interest because De Gucht’s former role only involved legal frameworks for trade and investment.

The revolving doors spin again

Almunia’s own preface to the report talks about how to improve competitiveness: We have sent the report to the European Ombudsman who is very engaged on matters relating to the revolving door. Summary One in three 9 out of 26 outgoing commissioners who left office in have gone through the ‘revolving door’ into roles in corporations or other organisations with links to big businessleading to fears of an unhealthily close relationship between the EU’s executive body and private interests, according to a new report press release here.

In our view, there is a fine line between offering advice to a commissioner and lobbying; but as far as the Commission is concerned, the former is allowed and the latter is apparently not. The allowance is capped; if a former commissioner takes up any new gainful activity, the new pay added zmlfri with the allowance, cannot 209 their former remuneration as a member of the Commission.

Nyrstar 1 Viviane Reding. Special adviser rules and procedures may also need looking at. It is too limited to restrict the lobby ban to issues related to former commissioners’ most recent portfolio.

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The revolving door between the Barroso II Commission and the corporate sector. The failing rules allow the corporate capture of the Barroso II Commission to persist — even beyond office. Petite has also carried out lobbying vis a vis the Commission.

This case was not referred to the Ad hoc Ethical Committee because there was no perceived link with Kallas’ former transport portfolio. However, we are not clear how much consideration there was about the nature of the Bilderberg conference. Eventually the rules, contained in the Code of Conduct for Commissioners, were reformed and mild improvements were introduced. The Commission authorised this role, after consulting the Ad hoc Ethical Committee, but we have several concerns about this.


In the hierarchy of EU decision-makers the 28 European commissioners, one for each of the member states, would probably be regarded as the most important. Reding was appointed to the board of Agfa Gevaert in May ; Reding has yet to join the board of Nyrstar.

It has been collated from information in the College of Commissioners’ published minutesfrom access to document requests, and from other public sources.

Petite had had a controversial spin through the revolving door himself from the Commission’s Legal Service to global law firm Clifford Chance in where his clients have included tobacco firm Philip Morris.

The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

December 10th The power of lobbies. Adolescent Girls and the Girl Child.

This would help introduce joined-up thinking in cases like that sorulat Siim Kallas who has multiple roles and obligations, as a former commissioner, a current Commission special adviser, and until August a private sector consultant. The interests and opinions of citizens have become sidelined in the resulting turmoil. Agfa-Gevaert Viviane Reding.

Watch the EDD highlights! The most popular new role is as a member of the board of the corporate-friendly think-tank Friends of Europe. Only the Commission’s Legal Service asked for the standard 18 month lobby ban to be specifically included in the authorisation decision.

Please enable scripts and reload this page. Again, De Gucht’s wider role as an EU commissioner during the devastating global financial crisis is not taken into account. Following a CEO complaint about this matter, the Commission has told us that Kallas has now updated his declaration. More information about the session can be found here.

So the question is whether Jean-Claude Juncker’s College of Commissioners are prepared to vote to toughen up the rules for when they themselves eventually leave office. It was therefore shocking to see the way in which five out of thirteen departing commissioners who served in the first Barroso Commission spun through the revolving door into problematic new roles when they left office.