Low-Power Devices (ISB = 6 µA @ V) Available. • Internally Organized x 8, x 8. • 2-Wire Serial Interface. • Schmitt Trigger, Filtered Inputs for Noise. 24C32A Datasheet, 24C32A PDF, 24C32A Data sheet, 24C32A manual, 24C32A pdf, 24C32A, datenblatt, Electronics 24C32A, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. 24C32A/SN from Microchip Technology, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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The 24C32A supports a Bi-directional 2-wire bus and. A device that sends data.

24C32A Datasheet PDF

The bus must be controlled. SCLcontrols the bus access, and generates the. Both master and slave can operate as trans.

The following bus protocol has been defined: Accordingly, the following bus datashert have been. Both data and clock lines remain HIGH. The state of the data line represents valid data when. The data on the line must be changed during the LOW.


There is one clock pulse per.

24C32A – Memory – Memory

STOP conditions is determined by the master device. Each receiving device, when addressed, is obliged to. The master device must generate an extra. The 24C32A does not generate any. A device that acknowledges must pull down the SDA.

A device that sends data onto the bus is defined as transmitter, and a device receiving data as receiver. Both master and slave can operate as trans- mitter or receiver but the master device determines which mode is activated. Accordingly, the following bus conditions have been defined Figure dwtasheet All operations must be ended with a STOP condition.

The data on the line must be changed during the LOW period of the clock signal. There is one clock dattasheet per bit of data. The master device must generate an extra clock pulse which is associated with this acknowledge bit.

24C32A Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

The 24C32A does not generate any acknowledge bits if an internal program- ming cycle is in progress. Of course, setup and hold times must be taken into account.


Dur- ing reads, a master must signal an end of data to the slave by NOT generating an acknowledge bit on the last byte that has been clocked out of the slave.