All the Controls products AASHTO T standard. Enter now!. Standard Method of Test forThe California Bearing Ratio AASHTO Designation: T () 1. SCOPE. AASHTO CBR-T – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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The machine include a precision load The load jack, DC motor and controls are housed in a specially designed base cabinet. The machine has built-in sashto acquisition with four channels dedicated to two strain gauge load cells and two potentiometric linear transducers; one of each can be used during the test. All the accessories have to be ordered separately.

Soil – CBR apparatus: Request Quote Client Login. Different models are available conforming to the various Soil testing Lab Services: The machine include a precision load ring, 50 kN cap.

California bearing ratio, pavement subgrade, subgrade, pavement subbase, subbase, pavement base course, base course, pavement design, flexible pavements, bearing ratio. For more information, contact: Soil testing Back to Results Print.

The dry unit weight specified is normally the minimum percent compaction allowed by the using agencys field compaction specification. A real-time test graph and transducer data are displayed on the touchscreen.

The 50 kN capacity and the fully variable test speed of 0. Conforming to all the above and other major International Standards, designed for moulds to and to Follow us YouTube LinkedIn.


For applications where the effect of compaction water content of CBR is small, such a cohesionless, coarse-grained materials, or where an allowance is made for the effect of differing compaction water contents in the design procedure, the CBR may be determined at the optimum water content of a specified compaction effort.

The criteria for test specimen preparation of self cementing and other materials which gain strength with time must be based on a geotechnical engineering evaluation.

General lab – PC softwares: The front panel is also fitted with an emergency button and two operating led: Hand aasshto CBR loading press The machine feature a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can be adjusted aashro height and locked in position with locknuts. CBR motorized loading press The machine feature a rigid two column frame with upper crossbeam, which can be adjusted in height and locked in position with locknuts.

Soil – CBR loading presses: Prior to the test, the operator can impose travel limits for automatically ending the test.

AASHTO T | Testing Services | Standard Method of Test for The California Bearing Ratio

This test method is used to evaluate the potential strength of subgrade, subbase, and base course material, including recycled materials for use in road and airfield pavements. An important feature is provided by the processing unit that controls the speed in a closed-loop modeavoiding speed calibrations and tension fluctuation effects.

The firmware allows performance of transducer calibrations and setting of up to 10 test profiles, saving data onboard. The load jack, DC motor and controls are housed r193 an ergonomic cabinet.


AASHTO T, Test equipment Controls

To perform this type of test, we propose moulds with various accessories listed in the table below and manual compaction rammers. No external transducer is required for displacement measurement. Furthermore, the test stroke can be set at the beginning of the test with automatic stop, avoiding to overload the machine and the specimen, thus assuring the operator safety.

The drive force is provided by a mechanical jack housed in the base cabinet. Home Products Search results Results for: The 50kN capacity and fully variable speed of 0.

Active Risk Management

This important feature also permit to perform the speed calibration of the machine by micrometric manual adjustment by the operator. Iva Company info Privacy policy CBR tests on soils; Marshall tests on asphalt; uniaxial and unconfined tests on soils and rocks; compression tests on low stregth concrete, cement and groundcement As directed by the engineer, self cementing materials shall be properly cured until bearing ratios representing long term service conditions can be measured.

The CBR value obtained in this test forms an integral part of several flexible pavement design methods.