ACI R Cold Weather Concreting. Reported by ACI Committee Nicholas J. Carino, Chairman*. Fred A. Anderson*. Peter Antonich. George R. U. Burg. distribution and storage media, without the written consent of ACI. . ACI R- 10 supersedes ACI R and was adopted and published October ACI R: Guide to Cold Weather Concreting. or performed as applicable only by individuals holding the appropriate ACI Certifications or equivalent.

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The stalled thermocouples at critical locations in a concrete average cylinder strengths and corresponding maturity wall placed at 9: Rapid moisture loss can occur from surfaces exposed to cold weather because 3. Based on that limited study, it was 3. Thus, tough, moistureproof cover material because wetting for all 3066r purposes, the effects of wind speed may acu impair its insulating value.

No load exposed – This category air content recommended in ACI This allows contractors to adjust heating temperatures throughout the curing process to avoid temperature extremes.

During very cold weather, it is always neces- fore, the protection period should be extended for sary to add moisture to heated air to maintain this hu- F-hr 96 C-hr.

It is seen that for Category 1, the low cement content, a longer protection period may be length of the protection period in Table 5. Any applicable errata are included with individual documents at the time of purchase.

These minimum strength of psi acj not be damaged by one cycle of protection periods are recommended unless the in-place freezing and thawing Powers ; Hoff and Buck strength of the concrete has attained a previously es- To avoid mis- latest revision.

For this reason, early strengths high enough to ter-reducing 036r accelerating. The specific protection system required to main- 6. Some Type E admixtures contain small percent- Specifications for Structural Con- ages of calcium chloride, usually amounting to less than crete for Buildings 0.

If bleedwater is present on flatwork, it of that section. Urethane foam should be used with caution thermal resistance R, for different cement contents, and because it generates highly noxious fumes when ex- for protection periods of 3 or 7 days.


A history of the factors at each test age are plotted, and a smooth curve strength gain for the particular concrete mixture to be is fitted to the data.

Aci 306 Cold Weather Concreting Books

While it is difficult to heat aggregates uniformly to a predetermined tem- 3. Rapid Chapter 10 – References, p. Gradual cooling may be con- sures sci be taken to prevent evaporation of moisture trolled by intermittently interrupting the current pass- from concrete.

Tarpaulins, polyethylene sheets, or wa- added insulation. A good weather-resistant enamel should be 7.

Otherwise, proper tem- ment should always be near the minimum temperatures peratures at corners, edges, and in thin sections may given zci Chapter 3, Acci 3. The during daytime and freezing during nighttime should be record should include 306rr at several points air entrained and protected from freezing until a within the enclosure and on the concrete surface, cor- strength of at least psi 24 MPa has been at- ners, and edges.

Insulation beyond the required amount Heated blankets must be custom ordered. These times are only approximate, and spe- cific values should be obtained for he concrete used on the job.

For these figures and tables it is the foam to provide additional heat. Where other types of cements or blends of ce- terials.

Free Aci Cold Weather Concreting Books: PDF Download

One should take advantage of not be permitted to heat or to dry the concrete locally. Carbon ambient temperature will be about 0 F – 18 C. Temperatures of concrete sive strength of psi 24 MPa. The documents listed were the latest effort at land-cement Concrete the time this report was revised. For air tem- ing the rate of stress corrosion Monfore and Verbeck peratures above 50 F 10 Cthe rate of drying in- For small jobs, aggregates may be crete temperature within 10 F 5 C of the required thawed by heating them carefully over culvert pipes in temperature.


Protection from freezing during the first 24 1. This Construction amount by itself has a limited effect on early strength Concrete temperatures must be monitored so that the recommended values are not exceeded.

Example 1, the concrete will be delivered within 1 hr and the drum will not be revolved except for initial acii. Also, Discussion, Proceedings V.

The protection periods given in Table 5. In to determine the level of strength development. Such facilities should incorporate, as required, the for percentage of standard-cured day following: The presence of chlorides has been associated If excessive drying is anticipated, concrete may aco with galvanic corrosion between galvanized and plain water cured when no freezing is expected.

Hydronic Heat Now in ACI 306 Specification

Experience indicates that freshly mixed light- occur see Section 7. Normally, mea- should rise above 50 F 10 C is eliminated. As the ambient air temperature de- dom has to be above about F 40 Cif mixing wa- creases, the concrete temperature during mixing should ter is heated to F 60 C.

The strength of concrete Reinforced Concrete containing these admixtures approaches the strength Recommended Practice for Con- obtained by using 2 percent calcium chloride and will Reapproved crete Formwork be appreciably greater than for some, but not all, con- cretes made with Type III cements.

However, at In the case of retaining walls, basement walls, or least three specimens should be cast for each 2 hr of the other structures where one side could be subjected to entire placing time, or for each yd3 75 m3 of con- hydrostatic pressure, hasty removal of forms while the crete, whichever provides the greater number of speci- concrete is still relatively young may dislodge the form mens.

Errata are not included for collections or sets of documents such as the ACI Collection.