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Aditya Kavacham –

He is source of good qualities, who is white in colour, He is the form of Vedaswho is beyond mind, He is the master of Vedas which is full of soundHe does only good according to words of Brahma.

The Aditya Kavacham should be read every Sunday by people in whose horoscope, the Sun is not in aidtya good position or the present position of Sun causes problems. The form of Vedasthe valiant one, with sight of wisdom, Could understand them all even before kqvacham stood there.

Log in Request account. Thus is told that which is very holy, which destroys sins, And he who reads this or hears this would get rid of all his sins, Would become expert in the import of Vedas, And would make the Land of the Sun God as his.


Retrieved from ” http: Yagna valkya who was the greatest among sages, Became for always indebted to him, Learnt aritya the Vedas in front of Sun God himself.

Let the seven horsed one protect my middle, Let the gem of light protect my stomach, Let my hips be protected with one with twelve souls, Let the Sun God protect my thighs. He is always being saluted by devas and AsurasAnd is always surrounded by all other planets, Who meditatepray and read this armour of Sun always.

Thus ends the armour of Sun God which occurs in Skanda Purana. Let the best of the devas protect my thigh, Let the maker of light protect my knees, Let the maker kavadham the morn protect my calves, Let my throat be protected by the Lord of the light. Let the compassionate one protect my head, Let the Sun God protect my forehead, Let the maker of morn protect my eyes, Let the maker of light protect my ears.

He comes out on to the mountain of dawn, He is healthy and the form of VedasHe would be satisfied by devotion, And is meditated upon by sages, dressed in bark.

Adithya Kavacham

Let the Lord of planets protect my shoulders, Let the maker of light protect my arms, Let my hands be protected by the maker of fire, Let my heart be kavvacham by the lustrous one. Let the lustrous one protect my nose, Let my face be protected by the ray of light, Let the lord of the world protect my toungue, Let my neck be protected by source of light.


Oh soul of the three VedasOh Surya Narayana, Oh the Lord of the universe, you are the reason for time, You are the form of Vedas and you are source of light. Kavacham means a shield. Becoming happy with this prayer by the bark clad sages, That God who is the real Veda aditua, came in a chariot before them.

Seeing him and getting very much pleased, They saluted by touching the earth, Saluted him again and stood there with devotion.

When a Kavacham is sung, it is to the specificied Lord to request that he act as our shield and protect us against all external and Internal enemies.