Sunday, October 4, Aimcat Analysis: The test consisted of 72 questions, with 24 questions in each of three sections QA,VA and DI. Should one join both CL mocks and TIME AIMCATs or is the latter enough? 3, Views ยท With just 34 days to cat, is it sufficient to practice only through CL Mock. Posts about aimcat written by catindiaonline. CAT India Online: Free CAT Prep Plan. Posted by: catindiaonline on June 26,

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E very year lakhs of students appear for the Common 22009 Test. She is the first woman student aicat to score per cent. She is also the only female topper this year.

Neha Manglik was an achiever in school too, scoring 96 per cent in class 10 and 92 per cent in class Here, the year-old tells us how she topped one of the toughest management entrance examinations and shares her ambition for the future.

The CAT result website aimat slow, so my entire family sat in one room on multiple laptops and mobile phones, trying to get the result. We checked again and again that the name was right.

Then we huddled like a sports team and started jumping for joy! Unlike what most people think, an MBA is not always just in finance. They teach management principles which are useful to manage every situation, every group of people, and every part of your life. I believe that this is the kind of knowledge everybody should have, to succeed in any sphere of life. I loved these subjects and realised I wanted to know more about them and similar topics.

This was another reason to do an MBA. Their approach to questions was quite similar to what comes to me intuitively, so I felt that the workshops really helped me. Towards the end, I also gave Career Launcher online mocks, as their difficulty level is quite close to the real CAT and it prepared me for a surprisingly easy CAT paper.


If you want to prepare by yourself, you can qimcat the support of any group of people, even friends or parents, who can give direction to your preparation and ensure that you don’t lose your focus. But you should definitely give as many mocks as possible and analyse them thoroughly to find your weak spots and work on them.

AIMCAT for season 2009…..

aimvat I don’t have any study secrets. I gave my best and worked hard at improving continuously, just like all serious CAT-takers. I was comparatively weak in Data Interpretation, especially simcat maths based questions. For that, I did Vedic Maths. I searched for videos online and completely changed my way of calculation, including basic things like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In my initial mocks, I realised that there wasn’t enough time to finish my paper, which led to lower marks because I missed even those questions which I could have answered.

So I started being more conscious of the time I spent on each question and made sure I didn’t waste too much time on just a few of them.

They tend to think that CAT is beyond their reach. I strongly urge all my friends and future CAT aspirants not to make that mistake. Do you think being an engineering student helped you perform better in the exam?

[2016] TIME AIMCAT 1713 (27th August to 28th August)

Aicat an engineering student didn’t help me in CAT. But good mathematical and logical skills helped me to become an engineer and these same skills helped me in CAT too.

The skills required are similar, but it’s not a cause-effect relationship. Have you got any admission offers yet? What are you currently preparing for?

The percentile girl! – Get Ahead

My dream institute is IIM Ahmedabad. This is because I realised from my experience in BITS Pilani that we can learn a lot about practical skills for life while interacting with students and faculty of premier institutes. In addition to classroom learning, I find these interactions with the cream of the country’s youth intellectually stimulating.

Hence, I want to be part of an institute where I can find them in abundance and learn a lot from them. Besides CAT, which other exams did ai,cat attempt? How difficult was it to prepare for multiple exams? What books, periodicals and websites would you recommend to MBA aspirants? I suggest you read at least one general newspaper and one business newspaper on a daily basis.


Reading a newspaper should not feel like a punishment, but rather a reward or motivation to kick-start a productive day. My suggestion to all CAT aspirants would be: My hobbies include writing poetry, watching anime Japanese animated seriesand doing arts and crafts. I also like public speaking.

Second, I want to balance my work life with family life.

I will not compromise on family just to run after money or fame. Using my love for and experience in poetry, I scripted a rap battle between an electron and a proton to teach school students chemistry.

I have learnt the importance of people in shaping my life — my family, my friends, my aimcaf. They have always motivated me to pursue what I wanted. At the same time, I really idolise my mother for being able to balance her passion — teaching — with her family life. My advice to all readers would be to realise your potential, believe in yourself, and then work continuously towards the goal you have set for yourself, whichever field it may be in.

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