View and Download ALASKA BM user manual online. Bread Maker. BM Bread Maker pdf manual download. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung Alaska Kl search result. Download manual Bread baking machine ALASKA BM Download manual: Bread. .com/ TZ

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Always allow unit to cool off before cleaning it. Small quantities of bran and germ are often addedto bread to increase its nutritional value, to bedienungsanlsitung it heavier and give it flavour.

The br ead rose too mu chYou might have used too much yeasl, flour or wat r.

ALASKA BM 2600 User Manual

Please actively support us in conserving resources andprotecting the environment by returning this appliance to the collection centres ifavailable. Extraction help for dough hooks8.

Please perform Measuring ing re d ients The key – and the most important step when using bread machines – is the exact and careful the following test to determine whether the yeast is old and inactive A Fill a small bowl or cup half full with lukewarm Please alsosee chapter Ingredients. They are often used to improve flavour and lighten the texture. Prior to usepi ase check whether the power supply type and voltage rating correspond tothe data listed on the type plate.

Juices aresometimes listed as the liquid ingredient apple juice, orange juice, etc. Occasionally, small portionsof it are used in combination with flour types with a low gluten content – e. For diet reasons, salt can even beomitted. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaning agents or abrasivesponges! Check the expiration date. The brochure athand contains a collection of recommendations for bakingwhich will be useful to you.


Seven-Gra in MixSeven-grain mixes are a mix of split wheat, bran, rye, corn kernels, flax seeds and hulled millet. Rye andwhole-wheat flour should be stored in the refrigerator or a cool location to prevent these typesof flour from becoming rancid. Use this program to bake bread in approx. Enter text from picture: Yeast must always be stored in therefrigerator so that it remains fresh.

Alaska Bm Bedienungsanleitung Pdf File

It isnormal for the appliance to audibly vibrate during the kneading process. Thetimer can be preprogrammed to max. Always use oven mitts or potholderswhen removing the baking pan from the appliance.

It contains the germ and thebranwhich causes the wholewheat flour to be heavier and also more nutrit ious than all-purpose flour. Pleasekeep in mind that using flour types from various 200 can also influence theresult.

The components of the bread machine, excluding the dough hook 3 and baking pan 2 are not dishwasher safe and must only be cleaned by hand. The use of fresh or pressed baking yeastis not recommended, since it achieves weaker results. After sometime, the condensation will escape through the steam release openings However, the bread should be removed fromthe baking pan 2 as soon as possible.

First, add all liquidingredients and then the flour.

Alaska Bm 2000 Bedienungsanleitung Pdf File

Each time the keys 6 and bedienungwanleitung are pushed, the timer will advance or regress by 10minutes. The level of the liquid must correspond to the respective mark on the container. Sweet GlazeMix one cup of sifted, powdered sugar with 1 to 2 tablespoons milk.

  CAPM 39-1 PDF

Please read the following instructions to understand therole of various ingredients in the bread baking process. Program for breads with a high content of whole wheat and rye flour.

The dough hook 3 might not be correctly inserted onto the drive axle 4 or the baking pan 2 was not correctly attached to the drive axle 4. Add theingredients into the measuring cupsone spoon at a time, and “cut” across the rim of themeasuring cup using a knife.

Otherwise, the result might be unsatisfactory. Hold the baking pan 2 diagonally above a baking rack and slightly shake ituntil the bread comes loose.

Manual Alaska BM

SaltSalt is a balancing element for the flavour of breads and cakes as well as the colour of thecrustwhich is formed during baking.

It 1n9 roc ss of theI HI ,h I h. Never extinguish possiblysmoking dough with water! Corn and Oat flourCorn and oat flour is made by grinding coarse kernels of yellow or white corn or pre-treated oatgrains. Never hold the unit under running water and never submerge the unit in water or otherfluids.

Self-Rising FlourSelf-rising flour contains unnecessary leavening ingredients, which influence the baking ofbreads and cakes. Sugar and salt should be evenly distributed along the side ofthe flour. Please be sure that no liquidenters into the appliance.

Otherwise, alaaska bread machine will be soiled or the heating coils might be damaged. Youcan also 1I this program to re-bake bread, which was not completely baked.