Many Twilight fans credit Wide Awake as their introduction to In , while Wide Awake was still posting serially, angstgoddess had. Wide Awake by AngstGoddess ~ Complete. Summary: Edward and Bella have dark pasts that leave them severely emotionally scarred. TITLE: Wide Awake AUTHOR: AngstGoddess PUBLICATION DATE: December 26, PAGES: pages FORMAT: Ebook SOURCE.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Don’t read if you’ve become attached to the finer details in the story. It’s absolutely my all time favorite fanfic. There are two versions–one with slightly less swearing and naughty bits!

Main Players

Edward is madly in love with his roommate-who is not gay. Just don’t paint my story as having pedophilia or incest or bestiality or anything equally as squicky, and I’m cool.

I don’t have time to answer all the backlogged stuff, and I’m really sorry awske that, because all of them were super sweet and very respectful, and you definitely deserve more of a response than wjde. And of course, unicorns stand for something else I won’t spoil!!!

Don’t mind the twilight names and locations,this has nothing to do with twilight at all They meet at the gazebo at midnight, and begin to talk, and eventually Bella realizes that Edward can touch her without her flashbacks. Learn how angstgoddeas003 comment data is processed. They are both fragile and delicate individuals broke The only reason I could not rated this story with 5 stars was fact that it took me forever to finish it. Forfeit by Chevelle 9. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: But to see the beloved c I searched around on the internet one day looking for angsygoddess003 Twilight website my sister told me about and came across another site that proclaimed it was ‘Twilight Fan Fiction Month’.


When I was asked if I’d consider publishing my own angstgoddses003 fanfiction Wide AwakeI said no, and she wondered why this would be, since I’m so poor. They have debilitating nightmares and will do lots of things to avoid sleep.

Angstgoddess wrote one of the most beautiful Fanfics out there: I love this story.

AngstGoddess | FanFiction

Authors Master List Click here for related articles on Fanlore. It has its ups and downs as they help each other and go off on their own to overcome their demons. AngstGoddess has taken these characters and shaped them into wonderful, crazy, messed up people who I couldn’t help but fall in love with.

This event leaves her mom angstgovdess003 and Bella so traumatized that the simple touch of any man sends her spiraling into a mental breakdown. All The Same by Sick Puppies 2.

Not perfect, not entirely healthy, not even rational where our love for one another was concerned.


To this day I judge all new fics I read against this one, I try hard not to but I do! M – English – Angst – Chapters: He is in love with Charlie Swan, who drives in the town’s supply of sugar every week.

Wide Awake

Over 5 times longer than Sorcerer’s Stone! Yes, I know its based on Twilight, but Bella and Edward only share a few characteristics of the ones in the book. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I aawake recommend that anyone take some time really, maybe I’m biased, but this story just seems like it needs angstgodess003 be read at 3am and read this wonderful piece of fiction.

LOL never mind, found her!

Jul 17, Stacey rated it liked it. You will never look at night or cookies again in the same way.

They meet and begin to form a bond during the night hours. Although it wire with really dark themes, there is such humor, hope, and love that it just blows you away.