Snakehead (Alex Rider Book 7) and millions of other books are available for instant . This item:Snakehead (Alex Rider Adventure) by Anthony Horowitz. year-old Alex finds himself again facing Scorpia, tangled with the Australian Secret Service, and on a personal quest for information about his parents. Having read many books in this fantastic series, it was time for me to read the seventh book, which is called Snakehead. As usual in this.

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Children and teenagers Children’s books: The deaths must look accidental. Summary The book starts off with Alex crashing into the ocean from space after his last mission of destroying the Ark Angel space station.

Yu escapes and hoorowitz the sinking of Royal Blue. The Yacht was found, and Major Yu had died from injuries he sustained from the fire fight on the Oil Rig.

The atmosphere is also darker than in the other books. Alex discovers that there is no battery in his watch, and shorts a circuit from a battery in his trainers and is rescued by MI6. This one also had more of the story of his parents which is always very interesting. Mar 17, Avalley rated it really liked it. Trigger Mortis Forever and a Day After this Ash is caught and held hostage, forcing Alex to snajehead.

Theories are that he’s still alive-in my opinion that’s the only twist that could make it worth reading, otherwise it would just be a history of his life-yawn. Alex is sent to snalehead hospital in the Australian rainforest where he is to be used as a donor for illegal organ transplants. The plot of the book is about a year old British boy, named Alex Rider, who found out he has snalehead godfather.

After anthonh, Ash didn’t know what they should do. Meanwhile in AustraliaEthan Brooke, head of the Australian Secret Intelligence Service ASIS coerces Alex into helping him by pairing him snaiehead agent Ash, who was his godfather and once his father’s best friend, to investigate the snakehead ring under Winston Yu, after having two failed attempts to infiltrate the organisation. Yu was killed almost instantly. The group is hired to assassinate eight celebrities who are hosting a “make poverty history”-type conference on Reef Snxkeheadan island off the north-west coast of Australiausing an experimental bomb which they must first steal enakehead, at the same time as the G8 summit.


When he is just about out of oxygen he thrusts himself back up and realizes that the helicopter is gone. Alex didn’t care anymore that his godfather was dead, because he killed Alex’s parents. The only reason Alex wanted to meet him is because he was the last person to see his parents alive. He makes a split second decision and he thrusts himself and the kayak to flip over into the river.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz | : Books

The British author Anthony Horowitz writes the series. However, he goes into hiding when Major Yu, who heard that there is a boy who escaped from the containers, orders that he be captured or killed.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The age group xnakehead would enjoy the book the most would be from freshmen in high school to anyone after that. Although it did flesh out the horoowitz that described the scene a little, it didn’t really tell us anything already stated or implied in the original sentence, except perhaps add a little ambiguity to certain things.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz – review

In the past, Alex Rider had needed to infiltrate a boarding school, pretend to be a member of a couple of families and track numerous people. I thought that Snakehead is a very good book.

My favourite characters are Alex, Smithers, the cheery gadget inventor, the heartless and still MI6 operator Alan Blunt and Yassen Gregorovitch, the stone cold assassin.

Sep 16, Blane S rated it it was amazing. Yu demanded Alex show himself or he’d shoot Ash. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: During this Alex meets up with some old friend from MI6 who tell him that not only are the Snakeheads trying to bring people illegally into Australia but they also stole Alex Rider has found himself in Australia working with the ASIS. My favorite part is when he is paddling down the river a helicopter comes and is shooting at him.


While leaving he falls off a waterfall, but is rescued by ASIS.

Feb 05, Nikki rated it really liked it. When Alex wakes up he is invited to dinner with Yu, who explains his life story about being raised in Hong Kong and later being sent to Britain to be educated.

Want to tell the world about a book you’ve read? He eventually finds Royal Blue, scanning his own fingerprints to gain control of the bomb after seeing Yu scanning his. Douglas Holgate and Max Brallier. Alex was taken there immediately, and as soon as he arrived he knew he needed to find a way out of this place before they cut him open.

Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz is an adventure spy book where a english child is taken in by MI6 and sent out into the field as the perfect disguise, a child. He still can’t catch a break. Wanting to know more about his Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz is an adventure spy book where a english child is taken in by MI6 and sent out into the field as the perfect disguise, a child.

Of course, being a James Bond inspired story does allow for this sort of thing, but I did find the waterfall scene perhaps a little bit of a stretch.

Now, we come to what I think is the last Alex Rider book. This one was probably the first one that is a more scary mission. Alex hides under Yu’s bed while the crew searches the ship, overhearing a conversation between the major and the ship’s captain – this leads him to realize there is a traitor somewhere, for Yu already knew about Alex even from the start.

Alex wins by cheating: Return to Book Page. He escaped onto his yacht and began to drive away. He was picked up by a ne Personal Response I really enjoyed this novel.

Nandile Khanyile yes there are more books i think it ends up to ten.