Unable to make connection from ARIS Mashzone to SQL database. I want to connect Aris Mashzone with MySQL Database.

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The fact that customers who have paid for the MZ 1.

You are free to continue to use version 1. How much does it cost? But let me highlight the most important updates here.

Today we are publishing the second version of MashZone. Iam waiting for your answer respectly!

Using ARIS MashZone at universities | ARIS BPM Community

Pack your dashboards with the latest information and analyze terabytes of in-memory data in real time. MashZone makes it easy to combine data from entirely different sources.

If you are curious you may already download the most recent version of MashZone from our website mashzone. Do you mean that the one who have bought the personal license for MZ 1. I cannot get it to work and now would rather go back to v1 if I cannot use my license key on the new version.


Thank mashone for your help! Skip to main content. They were mashzonf, all of them. Posted on in MashZone. Now make the smartest decisions about how your business runs on the platform. Use the Terracotta cache to keep data in-memory on local on-heap, off-heap or remote—whichever suits your needs best.

Thus I am unable to rais my MashZone reports: So stay tuned for further updates on MashZone 2. Does it worth buying MZ 2.

Results sris presented within appealing mashups. Our solutions include an integration platform built on a powerful enterprise service bus that enables organizations to quickly connect virtually any system and application. Comment by Konstantin Dudura. Enterprise license model takes this into account.

Software AG MashZone

It resides in your MashZone installation directory. In this entry I summarize them, so the list will grow and I invite you to use this URL as reference this post will be edited to reflect updates. Where can I post feature requests suggestions for future releases? Analyze both real-time and at-rest data on one screen to uncover new ways to improve customer satisfaction, supplier management and more.


Set up personas—for example, for business users, analysts, developers and subject matter experts—so that each participant gets precisely the analytics results they need. Comment by Stephan Freudl. Free keys obtained here in the community continue to work in MashZone 2 During update the setup created a backup of your old installation.

New licensees as well as updates are available in our Online store. As of today we revealed these features. Our official website explains the details; there is a feature matrix to find the edition fitting your needs best. The same mashup twice: No password, no files, no installed software, except a Flash enabled browser. Hi Don, unfortunately version one keys cannot be applied to version two the free key is the only exception. That means less reliance on IT to create dashboards and share visualizations.

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