Besluit van 16 december , houdende vaststelling van regels voor het wijziging van het Arbeidsomstandighedenbesluit (Asbestverwijderingsbesluit ). asbestos: asbestos as referred to in Article 1(1a), of the .. i. if the Asbestos Removal Decree [Asbestverwijderingsbesluit ]. Problematiek rondom asbest; Brief regering; Ontwerp-besluit wijziging Asbestverwijderingsbesluit by Nederlandse overheid; Dutch.

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Vereisten [Vervallen per ] Vergelijk versies. Every worker has the obligation to comply with OSH-related requirements such as: Based on this act, the most important decree in relation to the safety aspects of working with ionizing radiation is 22005 Decree Radiation Protection. When an employer requests a work permit for a migrant worker, the working conditions have to comply with the Working Conditions Act.

They must produce a report of the investigation. The Works Council shall lay down additional rules in its Rules of Procedure relating to candidature, elections and the determination of election results, and to the filling of interim vacancies in the Works Council.

Where possible, asbestverwijderingsbealuit samples taken shall be returned. Naleving veiligheids- en gezondheidsdocument Vergelijk versies.

Employees working with radiation must have received appropriate information and instruction. The plans deal with the developments in the area of responsibility and the way the Inspectorate will react to the developments. Is adjusted to the nature of the work 2.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

Moreover, the work equipment should be suitable for the work asbestverwijderingbesluit be carried out or suitably adjusted to this end. To take efficient measurements related to emergencies, firefighting and evacuations and maintain connections with first assistance. Employers shall ensure that employees are informed of their obligations as rapidly as possible. Please find below some examples: SKO provides this certificate; and – Certificate of Professional Competence Labour and Organisation Certificaat van vakbekwaamheid arbeids- en organisatiekunde that complies with Version 3.


The inspector is allowed to make use of administrative enforcement. Maintenance, repair and cleaning activities to work equipment, or to production and adjustment activities with or to work equipment, shall only be carried out if the work equipment is switched off and has been de-pressurised or is dead.

Employees entrusted with the conversion, maintenance, repair or cleaning of such work equipment must have specific expertise and experience to this end. They must hold the necessary certificates to that effect.

Netherlands – 2016

In such a way that passing through without danger is possible c. Employers are obliged to ensure that employees use the personal protective equipment available to them when there is a hazard or potential hazard to the safety or health of an employee. He is empowered to open packaging for this purpose. The staff representative body shall notify the employer in writing of its standpoint on the proposal. She maintains her salary established by time, in case she is prevented to perform het labour due to such an examination.

The employer can seek assistance of one or more expert workers to comply with the OSH-regulations. Officials in the department of Social Affairs and Employment are in charge of the inspection and are designated by the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment by resolution. If the inner and or intermediate package are clearly visible than a labelling on the outerpackage is not required – 8 Situation: An appropriate register must be kept at the facility of all workers exposed to biological agents.

The employer is obliged to consult the Works Council or staff representative body in relation to matters affecting the working conditions policy and its implementation The endorsement of the Work Council shall be required for every proposed decision on the part of regulations relating to working hours and rest periods or holidays and on the part of regulations relating to working conditions, sick leave or reintegration.


If there is no Works Council or staff representative body, the employer has to consult the affected workers. Where there is a danger of being exposed to psycho-social workload, information and instructions should be given to employees who carry out such work about the risks of psycho-social workload as well as the measures aimed at preventing or restricting this load.

The temperature at a workplace must not damage the health of employees. It is also possible that there are three “competent persons” and each has one of the aforementioned certificates, or there are “competent persons” and one has two of the aforementioned certificates and the other one has just one of the aforementioned certificates. Also the compliance with other acts to fight illegal labour, circumvention of minimum wage, labour exploitation, mala fide job placement services and other labour market fraud.

Employers shall make sure that there is a workplace hygiene strategy and that employees can eat and drink without any hazard of exposure.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

There is no specific obligation for employers to provide drinking water except that employers shall ensure that there is sufficient drinking water or other soft drinks on a construction site. The duration of the interruptions is applicable to this Act [Working Hours Act] and the resting acts of labour time, on which the female employee asbeatverwijderingsbesluit her salary set per time. Work and monitoring with radiation sources must only be carried out by competent persons.