Posts about table 54A written by ronmooring. Full access to all ASTM / Petroleum tables (including update): table 5 / 6 / of Observed Density to Density at 15°C and Table 54A Generalized Crude Oils, ASTM D Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement. If ” CRUDE ” TABLES 54A and 6A are selected, – If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2. 3, GRADE, Unleaded Gasoline, QUALITY.

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Generation of up to 10 Bills of Lading. Gas calculation — vapour.

Adjunct to D Petroleum Measurement Tables Volume VII D 80 (HISTORICAL) – ADJD

For advanced users it would also be possible to copy the exported csv file to another file provided that you use the correct naming conventions etc and generate a completely new ullage report from a desktop computer, which could then be imported to the phone by simply copying the csv file to the phone.

Recently we discussed the third document of the set of documents required to be produced in the load port, the Slop report. Tables 53E, 54E dated Do let me know, if something is not correct.

In addition to above methods it should be noted that if the procedures as specified in the vessel’s COW manual are being followed for the determination of the ‘Dryness’ of a cargo tank, namely, the sounding of the residues in four 4 differing locations within the cargo tank, then the foregoing methods of calculations can be avoided. Item 4 under these switches lets you select whether the cargo operation is at a shore terminal or doing ship to ship.

Please note that although we entered values in SI Metric units see the picture abovein the report Imperial units have been used. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. In order to give you a clearer picture what we offer, we split all information into two parts: In number 7 of the tutorials for Cargo Surveyor for Android we discussed in part the sixth document of the set of documents required to be produced in the load port, the ullage report.

The first 3 entries are taken from report settings and can be overwritten manually. You can also see that in step 2: About Global Survey Solutions Limited Global Survey Solutions delivers the best in high-value, low-priced cargo survey software solutions.


When chemicals is selected as cargo type, it is not possible to change the density unit to API. We are now taken directly to the tank editor standard layoutwith the new ullage report already created and opened and tank 1P selected: For each section there are two sets of data: The Wedge Formula is a mathematical mean being used to approximate the small quantities of liquid and solid cargo and free water on board prior to the vessel’s loading and after her discharge, based on the dimensions of aastm individual cargo tank and vessel’s trim.

In order to enter the daily consumption for either Fuel aetm Diesel Oil, make sure to have the first tank within the Fuel or Diesel group selected, otherwise the three fields will not be enabled. Normally the VEF is calculated for loading operations. Sailed date and time: The app automatically checks if the total of mole fractions equals 1, and issues a warning for the following events:.

The following controls are available in the Aztm report editor: You can read the terms and conditions, if you click on the below link Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy What we offer now Our existing packages cover the following areas: The possibilities of reporting realized in software are immense; such a big set of options and features has never been included in one software package before.

It is obvious that such a series of assumptions normally wstm invalidate the absolute accuracy of the calculation immediately given, amongst other issues, the shape of the wing tanks the turn of the bilge and in particular those wing tanks at the fore and aft parts of the vessel. Do we need to keep the steering gear pumps on once the vessel is alongside? From what I can tell, those tables aren’t in a standard. When softwares available to calculate VCF and calculations, I am afraid if anyone resort to basics.

You will know what is being worked on and you will see changes first. Global Survey Solutions Limited. Time sheet entry list.

This site uses cookies. For those readers new to Oilcalcs for iOS, here follows a full description of the app:. This is the end of part 5 of this tutorial; in part 6 we will discuss the ullage report. The resulting density or API is calculated accordingly. The first 4 entries are taken from report settings and can be overwritten manually.


Straight to the point:

Each parcel will be loaded evenly across all tanks so as to achieve a homogeneously commingled end product. It was sstm talk of the town few years back. What will be the consequences?

If you accessed this from the very first screen, a message comes up first, asking you to confirm whether to use standard or extended layout for ullage reports. More on this in future tutorials.

Fuel blending — mix two volumes. The density is calculated continuously when the user enters or changes values. Given sstm small angle involved with the trim of the vessel, then the ‘Sine’ of an angle can be considered as the same as asm ‘Tangent’ Tan of an angle and consequently: In the top right hand corner of this screen is also an options menu button, that will let you straight go to general settings etc.

As can be seen in the picture on the left, we have entered an ullage of Can we burn in incinerator by mixing with rags or put in sludge tank?

Nautraj: Tanker Cargo Calculations – ASTM Tables Usage & Procedure of Calculations

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: All these units except ullage will be converted to the selected standard in the general settings when you generate the pdf report: Not to be confused with actual bottom lines, which can either be included or excluded from tank tables. If any other voyages need to be excluded you need to omit them from the list of entries for reasons such as first voyage after dry dock etc.

Below you can see an example of the VEF report: The single average sounding can be used directly in order to obtain an equivalent volume from the vessel’s tank ullage calibration tables.