edib ahmed yükneki, atabetül Home · edib ahmed yükneki, atabetül Author: drmario. downloads Views 2MB Size. Report. Beyzanur Dalgıç. Updated 2 December Transcript. ebiyati .org/ Atabetül Hakayık Edip Ahmet Yükneki tarafından kaleme alınmış ve Karahanlı beylerinden Muhammed Dad Sipehsalar’a hediye edilmiştir.

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TDE Course Title: LO-1 Students can explain about Karakhanli State.

PO-5 The results of the reviews according to the data. PO The use of computer technology in solving problems faced related haayik the field.

PO Aatabetul in studies related to the field. PO Related to the field of social, cultural and artistic activities, participates in and organizes. PO-3 Identifies problems related to the field.

Barış Karaz

PO For his work related to the field people, institutions and organizations share. PO His theoretical and practical information related to the field, to education, research and community service uses the fields, and implements solutions.


To obtain information about the studies done on the original texts of the period. Understanding the properties of grammar of this period bakayik texts. Kutadgu Bilig I Metin.

Term Paper 8 1 40 9. Objectives of the Course. Objective of the course is to teach Karakhan Turkish phonetic, morphological characteristics and grammatical structure in general.

The Uyghurs’ literature and art in China – Global Times

Students can give information about the Karakhan period of Turkish. Students can explain about Karakhan Hakaylk phonology and morphology. Learning Activities and Teaching Methods.

Ercilasun, Ahmet Bican Nalbant, Mehmet Vefa Required Course instruments and materials.