Autec Service: Fast & Friendly Autec service is based on the principles of. AUTEC Safety Remote Control: Wireless systems for the remote control of. Autec’s mission is to provide ideal instruments for machine control, increasing.

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By enabling the two functions remoye the same time, it is also possible to reduce the radio remote control working range. Extended power supply range is supported, with all supply values managed with a single input terminals and terminal blocks are easy to install, to facilitate wiring operations relays may be programmed through software.

Suitable for a wide range of machinery, including complex applications and special industrial lifting machines. Multiple systems All AIR series radio remote controls are designed also for applications requiring multiple systems: Customisable versions with up to 4 dual-axis joysticks and several additional actuators. Automatic frequency controol can be performed from the transmitter. Autec radio remote control systems are designed remoote meet challenging usage conditions i.

This enables countless configuration options both in the version with digital commands only or inclusive of proportional commands. Frequency scan at start up. Automatic Channel Search function chooses a free frequency, if interference occurs the radio communication automatically moves to a free channel, while operation is not interrupted. Near you, wherever you are Autec products have always been synonymous with reliability and durability.

Autec MK 6 Autec Radio MK 6 The Autec radio Push button handset with 6 main keys and rzdio to 4 different actuators types push buttons, toggle switches, rotary and removable key switches.

Introducing LK Neo EX: for use in areas with risk of explosion

The Autec radio Push button handset with 6 main keys; up to 4 actuators can be added, choosing amongst push buttons, toggle switches and removable key.

The Stop function is protected against single failure. The Stop function is protected against single failure.


Low Power Start Up it restricts the start-up working range. The AIR series is an Autec radio system and has a wide range of transmitting and receiving remotee that meet any need in the sector of industrial lifting and automation.

Contrpl View Mobile View. It works in a very easy way: The system fully meets the protection requirements of EN and ENas established for lifting devices. They resist fall tests from 1.

Texts, measurements and graphic icons are shown on the display dimensions: A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery allows long operation, no memory effect, and no ageing. Click femote to find the closest near you. Texts, measurements and graphic icons can be displayed dimensions 20×38 mm. Either a push button or joystick transmitter, with up to 28 commands can be utilised to design a systems to meet the exact requirements so is suitable for wide range of industrial applications.

Long life, anti-shock housing; bi-material structure with rubber parts for a safe grip and working comfort; Gore TM membrane. The radio link is maintained only if the transmitting unit is working within the area limited by the working range.

Autec Radio Remote Control Systems for Overhead Cranes

Used to control two machines simultaneously or individually with the Master transmitter; another transmitting unit, called Slave, autwc only control the second machine. Autec Radio Remote Control Systems from Granada Cranes and Handling Autec manufacture radio remote controls for industrial lifting and automation applications: Contact our team Our experts are available from Monday through Friday 8: Should you require any further information or help and advice, please feel to contact a member of our experienced material handling team on Digital inputs are available to stop the transmitting unit if control sensors i.

The multiple systems are: It houses 2 or 3 single- or dual-axis joysticks with single steps; auxiliary selectors can be added. Nov – RHC has completed a specialised hoisting solution in London. Technical consultancy On-site assistance Quick repairs Our service network is available worldwide with subsidiaries, distributors and authorized service centers. Potential Advanced System Features. Every product is subject to strict functional controls on a wide range of parameters carried out by automatic test equipment.


All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Low Power function enables transmission at a reduced power. Training Autec Training Concept We have always worked to promote rejote safety culture. This Autec radio is Waterproof, resistant casing material IP65 protection degree.

Frequency scan enables to identify free frequencies at start up. Joystick controller with to 20 commands, plus Start and Stop. The system fully meets or even exceeds the protection requirements of EN and ENas established for lifting devices.

For further information and to withhold consent see the information to data subject. Connectable to a pc or tablet to customise installation and operation settings activation of start-up PIN, PIN code customisation, radio parameters, switch-off time, etc. Our service is structured to offer: Such functions are available in radio remote controls with ACS technology.

AUTEC – Safe and reliable industrial radio remote controls

Fail-Safe Radio Remote Controls. Technology and the basics of remote control autecc Safety for radio controls general concepts Product series offerings of the Autec brand Radio controls for different applications Hands-on practice for radio system maintenance Spare-parts Technical documentation Contact our team For more information about Autec training, call or email us: The primary safety function of a control system must be the ability to bring or maintain the machine to a safe state.

The Range Limiting function allows the maximum distance within which the transmitting unit must remain to start up the system and to optionally limit the remte remote control working range.