The Panasonic AV-HSN is a 16+ input HD/SD-SDI Switcher with Dual-Screen Multiviewer Display. The two-rack sized switcher comes equipped with Panasonic AV-HSE (AVHS) HD/SD Multi-format Live Video Switcher. May get in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and India. The multi-format Pansasonic AV-HSE Live Switcher is an all-in-one system that easily integrates into existing HD/SD workflows, flawlessly mixing HD and.

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MultiViewer windows can be ag to any outputs and offer with easy control of labels and borders, Preview green and Program red Tally Indicators. Multiviewer windows can be assigned to any output and offer Preview and Program tally Indicators.

Panasonic AV-HSE – Holdan Limited

Analog Component Input Board. The switcher is also equipped with an effect dissolve function.

Estimated Delivery 5 to 7 days. The exclusive feature lets you work comfortably with only two monitors, even at large-scale events.

Wipe, squeeze, slide, 3D pattern. Compact, two-rack size mainframe, perfect for mobile or studio use Control Panel: Wipe, squeeze, slide, 3D pattern DSK: Orders placed and security cleared before Please read these Terms and Conditions before submitting your request Prior to the point of sale CVP will endeavour to match the price on most products subject but not limited ag the following criteria: Where not stated, John Barry Sales will provide 1-year 12 months warranty for other equipment items, with exception of the following goods and services: Warranty Warranty information available here.


Built-in dual-display multiviewer lets you display up to 20 different images on two monitors; up to 16 on one screen. This makes it ideal for digital cinema production and worldwide operation. A maximum of 10 input channels Standard: All inputs feature a built-in Frame Synchronizer.

For more information on our data policies, please visit our Privacy Policy. A video processing function with color correction is also provided for eight inputs. hs45e0

Panasonic AV-HS450E 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs Switcher

Six programmable function buttons for customized workflow. OSD, phase adjustment, chroma key sample marker. Two P-in-P buses and four Aux buses are included. Rated 4 out of 5 by odhani studio from I would buy this product again and again this item low price and smoll business man very best Date published: The AV-HSE’s built-in MultiViewer can output 4, 6, or 10 images from different sources to a single high- resolution display, eliminating the need for multiple HD source and preview monitors.

Eight pairs of 3D images standard, and a maximum of nine pairs of 3D images, can be input by dual SDI from 3D cameras and other sources, with hs540e bus switching.


Panasonic AV-HSE 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs Switcher

The goods and level of after sales support on offer must be identical model number must be identical with identical warranty.

We do not price-match eBay, Amazon, Amazon sellers, clearance stock or specialist retailers. Key Features Standard Equipment: A maximum of 20 channels including program PGMpreview PVWand input video signal can be simultaneously displayed on 2 screens.

Cut, mix, wipe including DVE Image: No Annual or Hidden Fees. Two DVI-D outputs standard scalable to x for display of multiviewers or other outputs with large flat panel monitors or va. It also features a variety of standard effect functions, including luminance and chroma keying, two DSK channels, two P-in-P buses, and two DVE channels.

The AV-HSN is a flexible, cost-effective solution for mid-size studios, vehicles, and mobile production systems. All transactions are subject to CVP security checks which are for our mutual protection against identity theft and fraud.