Karen Barad, Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning. Article (PDF Available) · April with Meeting the Universe Halfway has ratings and 35 reviews. In this volume, Karen Barad, theoretical physicist and feminist theorist, elaborates her theory of. Meeting the Universe Halfway is an ambitious book with far-reaching In this volume, Karen Barad, theoretical physicist and feminist theorist.

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Meeting the Universe Halfway | Duke University Press

I don’t fault her for that. University of California, Santa Cruz. The opening section of the book is especially interesting for those of the halway physics persuasion!! Barad is really good and very exciting diffractive reading!

In this volume, Karen Barad, theoretical physicist and feminist theorist, elaborates her theory of agential realism.

Karen Barad – Wikipedia

Apr 16, John rated it it was amazing. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There is so much more I can add, but I think this sums up what halfaay book does and is about, enough for anyone who wants to read about this kind of stuff to pick it up.

I feel like this is what Liz Cullingford would somewhat disparagingly describe as a “Theory of Everything” book.

Rather, they are the condition of possibility of ‘humans’ and ‘non-humans’, not merely as ideational concepts, but in their materiality. While she makes the easy connection between material process and Judith Butler’s performativity theories, she avoids the distinction that such agential realism requires a human consciousness to perceive such distinctions.

Eschewing the so-called ‘spectator theory of observation’ in which human agents stand apart from the universe they observe, Barad thus takes great pains to read humans ‘back in’ to the universe, placing the focus on the very materiality of the scientific process itself, one as much a part of the universe it measures as everything else note too that not ‘minds’, but rather material apparatuses and physical arrangements are what count as ‘agents of observation’ here, foreclosing any simple charge of idealism.


Nov 16, Scott Neigh added it Shelves: Published June 20th by Duke University Press first published Those are two facts about my experience, I think they may be related – but can’t say for sure.

As Deleuze would say, differentiation isn’t what happens to cytoplasm, rather cytoplasm contains all the differentials which create a given differentiation of a baby as a complete whole. Naturalcultural Forces and Changing Topologies of Power 7. In other words, we take our familiar human account as the basis for determining what is out there. Feminism, Theory, Technoscience and Signs: I’m not a scholarly reader and this book’s language is making for a very tough and slow read.

Meeting the Universe Halfway: Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning

In addition to Bohr, her work draws a great deal on the works of Michel Foucault and Judith Butleras demonstrated in her influential article in the feminist journal differences”Getting Real: Quotes from Meeting the Unive Jan 09, Daniel Sparwath rated it really liked it.

I intend to return to it at some point Intra-actiona neologism introduced by Barad, signals an important challenge to individualist metaphysics. It took a great deal of effort to meet this book half way, but it was well worth it. Indeed, the new philosophical framework that Uniiverse propose entails a rethinking of “I propose ‘agential varad as an epistemological-ontological-ethical framework that provides an understanding of the role of human AND nonhuman, material AND discursive, and natural AND cultural factors in scientific and other social-material practices, thereby moving such considerations beyond the well-worn debates that pit constructivism against realism, agency against structure, and idealism against materialism.

Nevertheless, a superb and helpful read for anyone willing to dive into the deepest essence of things on his or her own, a true quantic catalyzer.

In this book, Barad also argues that ‘agential realism,’ is useful to the analysis of literature, social inequalities, and many other things. Similarly, I found her extension from Bohr’s notion of “phenomena,” of intra-actions being the ontological reality, rather than there existing thee pre-existing reality, thought-provoking and nuanced.


Karen Barad

I feel like this is what Liz Cullingford would so I did not actually finish this book, but I read about pages of it and that felt like enough to justify rating it. One of the most impressive things about this book is her facility in barxd of these disciplinary modes of inquiry.

Overall, it is easy to dismiss Barad as spewing academic gibberish, especially for a physicist. Looking forward to the rest Am now waiting on the paperback because this book seems extraordinary and Barad intelligently talks about so many of my enthusiasms: The argument is interesting and her use of quantum physics to try to prove it more so, but the question lingers: This repetition of a human account out there forms the discursive struggle between wave-particle accounts in quantum mechanics.

I really wanted to love this book, as someone with a background and aspiration in physics, philosophy, univeree moral cosmologies. Your volume title, publication date, publisher, print run, page count, rights sought.

Quantum Physics and the Nature of Knowledge and Reality 97 4. According to Barad’s theory of agential realismthe universe comprises phenomena, which are “the ontological inseparability of intra-acting agencies”. Library resources about Karen Barad. And yes, the book is long, and repetitious at times, but it’s a small price of admission to pay for so wonderful an intervention of ideas. This is an important, ambitious, readable, risk-taking, and very smart book, one to savor and grow with.

Portals Access related topics. Ever wanted to know about the Stern-Gerlach apparatus, or the details of quantum eraser experiments? It’s hard to overestimate the tremble meeting excitement that attended the publication of Karen Barad’s Meeting The Universe Halfway when it first came out nearly ten years ago.

What it means to matter is therefore always material-discursive.