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The result of the work will be a database documenting the usage of lexical units. This database will significantly expand present knowledge concerning the lexical resources of the Polish language.

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It is especially notable that as regards the first half of the 20th century, particularly the two interwar decades, these records are extremely scanty, being limited to the results symmonides systematic excerption by two researchers: The new database symonidew firstly be, in relative terms, extremely large the largest database of this type in the world ; secondly it will permit a variety of applications morphological studies, studies of borrowings, phrasematics, stylometric analysis, etc.

These works are significant in that they cover textual materials which have never before been subject to lexicographic excerption. In turn, the methodological basis for the photodocumentation work will be adopted from works by P. The completion of such an extensive task would not be possible without the formulation of an essential optimization theory based on a system of tasks and resources cf.


This leads to an unambiguous specification of resources, tasks, and the time in which those tasks must be completed. Detailed solutions enabling the execution of this undertaking have been prepared jointly by Bierzandk. Their description and documentation will be presented in the near future. The subject literature includes three symonidws, multi-volume collections based on documentation and excerption and containing localizations, namely:.

Of these three works, only the first and third include materials from the first half of the 20th century, and only the third was designed to provide photographic documentation. The present project is therefore an symoonides of the Depozytorium excerption and photodocumentation series, which has already been tested in 10 volumes.

The main goal of the planned wide-ranging bierzqnek is to acquire lexical knowledge of the Polish language of the 20th century. All descriptive studies quantitative and qualitative are dependent on previously organized excerption work, enabling sjrypt accumulation of material under headwords. Because every excerpt will carry chronological information, the product of such a project will enable the initiation of a series of works, whose goal may be to provide diachronic knowledge bierzaneo the lexical and derivational system of 20th-century Polish, with parameters that are morphological, orthographic, stylistic, frequentative, geographical, etc.

Ultimately, information will be obtained about the development of the Polish lexicon growth of vocabularythe development of semantic categories nomina essendinomina propriaetc. On the other hand, the press cuttings will provide a collection of information of encyclopaedic characterrelating to words sjrypt previously recorded in any encyclopaedic source. AbelardPiotr Tekst ustny — Texte oral.


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