When a tide of ferocious draug, the vampire’s deadliest enemy, floods Morganville, its eclectic mix of residents must fight to save their town from devastation. Read “Black Dawn The Morganville Vampires” by Rachel Caine with Rakuten Kobo. With its eclectic mix of vampire and human citizens, Morganville, Texas, has. The 12th episode in the Morganville Vampires series finds the town besieged by the terrifying draug, water beings that feed on vampires.

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Amid all this trouble our heroes are given the opportunity to show us what they fawn made of. Hopefully the next book will be a much faster read and have the umph like the previous Morganville Vampire books! If the story does go that way, I hope Claire et. Her writing is very intricately plotted, detailed, and paced, making reading them in order a must.

Black Dawn

I want to show you guys some cool pictures for a bunch of characters. Poor girl was almost drained by Michael now she is scared of him.

Resurrected Book 9 in the Vampire Journals. Another addictive book, which kept me glued to the pages from start to finish.

When they change the reader mid series UGH! I think it’s absolutely ridiculous for these characters to be getting married as teenagers. I had honestly thought that the promise he made her make in the last book, that their romance was solid. Please review your cart. Michael is struggling with his change more than ever before, more hesitant around Eve due to the attack. The Morganville Vampires 1 – 10 of 15 books. Craved Book 10 in the Vampire Journals. Again, another power hit by Caine.


I knew he felt something more for Amelie. For starters, I got the book, read the first chapter, and let it sit in a corner for weeks.

BLACK DAWN by Rachel Caine | Kirkus Reviews

I have mentioned my amazing invention of ‘saracasm font’ before, where when you write sarcasm it goes in a special sarcasm font so everyone knows you’re being sarcastic.

But at last, I simply can’t resist gushing about how un-freaken-believable this series is! I am really hoping for Myrnin’s sake alone that this isn’t dragged out too much longer.

Thats a terrible self-image Claire. Apr 13, Lizziemae rated it it was ok. Honestly, after everything Claire, Shane, Michael and Eve have done for Morganville, they can’t cut the humans some slack?


Morganville, Texas United States. What an amazing moment for Shane and Claire fans. Of course she wanted to know, but for the time being she should have taken a step back and realized Shane needs time.

Stuff happens, people mainly Naomi wants to kill I’ll Amelie and become Queen. We see humans and vampires somewhat reluctantly joining together to fight a common enemy. But then, Claire is feisty as the day is long. Snyder rated it really liked it. Oh, it’s small, dusty, and ordinary in most ways, but the thing is, there are these Vampires Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.


Black Dawn proved my point. If that was the case this would have been the final book and I think there would have been more finality to it. But, I vampiers, it bored me.

Also, I found the last book significantly creepier than the other eleven of them. Jan 17, Amber I. Every time he goes through something like this, Claire always ends up crying and feeling hurt caije alone not knowing what to do.

And if Caine is so determined for ClairexShane, please stop torturing them as a couple with Shane’s past and mental issues.

The book got better with every page and I continued straight onto the next one. They did it about 4 times, and they all sort of were the same.