Brand new Bosch RP17PT Tankless Water Heaters at Wholesale Prices & Free Shipping – Returning Customers get Extra 15% Off by using our Free VIP. Find great deals for Bosch RP17PT Electric Tankless Water Heater v. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. 50 Wentworth Avenue, Londonderry, NH – Important Safety Instructions When using this electrical.

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The flow transducer is not spinning Turn off the power supply to the heater and rem ove the cover. The electrical installation must conform to current National Electrical Codes. Perfect product for my use. Answered on Jan 21, Indoor model temperature modulated with electronic ignition suitable for heating potable water only – not approved for space heating purposes intended for variable flow applications 60 pages.

Loose connections can cause wires to heat up. Most Popular Question bosch rp17pt only produces warm water Water Heaters. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Cold water only — Neon light off Flow rate is too low Verify the flow rate out of fixture is at or above the minimum activation rate required for the unit to activate. Refer to Graph 1 for outlet temperature vs. IMPORTANT When the heater is not within sight of the electrical circuit breakers, a circuit breaker lockout or additional local means of disconnection for all non-grounded conductors must be provided that is within sight of the appliance.

See service bulletin TWH-E at www.

Not finding what you are looking for? If the cut-out trips, it must be reset while the circuit breakers are off. I live in the Colorado mountains. Newer Post Older Post Home. bksch

Bosch RP17PT Electric Tankless Water Heater 240v

Try throttling down your water supply, as well as have your temperature control knob on the machine turned up all the way. Now you can have an endless supply of hot water without the devastating impact on your electric bill.


Click here to recover your password. Damage caused by scale formation is not covered by the warranty. The outlet water temperature can change slightly as the flow rate changes du e to the steps in power. If water supply has a high mineral content, a water softening system is strongly recommended.

For the RP17PT unit, using a ball valve, ensure the flow rate does not vosch 2. More info, you can test the generator with a multimeter, just unplug it and test the voltage with the water running through it obviously.

Now here’s what you do to fix em, this is rp17pf a Bosch Hydropower 10H but I assume it probably applies to the other hydropower models too.

Posted on May 11, Be the first to answer. Do not install the water heater in an area where there is a chance of freezing.

Bosch Therm Tankless Water Heaters: Descaling Powerstream Pro RP17PT & RP27PT

The water heater is mounted in my garage. I am only one person, but 2 should not be much more. To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when the product is used near children or elderly persons. Do not switch the heater on if you suspect that it may be frozen. See Graph 1 on Page 8 of this manual. A couple would be fine with this one.

The plumber was so impressed with my whole system that he has been recommending it to other customers! Graph 1 8 For example: Are you a Bosch Water Heater Expert? bbosch

For the RP27PT unit, using a ball valve, ensure the flow rate does not exceed 3. If you try to put full flow through this unit, you can only get a 45 degree rise at 2. Premature element gp17pt Shut off power to the unit and remove cover. Just unscrew it a bit while its trying to light you just have dp17pt flick the switch a few times until the gas comes through then screw it up again.


The nut should be tightened securely. Now I just leave it at the mid point between my summer and winter settings. To print the manual completely, please, download it. I also disconnected the lights to help it work better but I think that’s overkill. Do not install a non-return check valve within 10 feet of the inlet. Close installer supplied cold water shut off valve if none installed, install before proceeding.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. You can also call Bosch Thermotechnology Bosdh.

Refer to Graph 1 on Page 8 of the manual. If the temperature of any of the heater modules gets too high, then the cut-out will trip and cut the power to that heater bosvh. The best protection against mineral deposits scale forming on the coils in the electric tankless heater is to check the quality of the water in your area before installing and if the water has a high mineral content then it is recommended to install a water softener or scale stopper system.

However, if the water heater is installed in other than a single family dwelling this heating modules warranty is limited to two 2 years from the date of original installation and operation. Increases from one major fixture running to multiple fixtures running at one time can cause the temperature to fluctuate.

There are many reasons for this problem and here are some; low gas pressure, fan speed is low, wire connections are loose, the gp17pt in the gas line, no gas. This elec tankless water heater pays for itself!