Scientific Name. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Oken. Synonyms. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. Cotyledon pinnata Lam. Crassula pinnata L. f. Kalanchoe. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Kurz (Crassulaceae) is a perennial herb growing widely and used in folkloric medicine in tropical Africa, tropical America, India. Objectives: To study the effect of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) leaf extracts viz. petroleum ether, alcohol and water on healing of excision, resutured incision and .

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S J Pharmacogn Phytochem. In the present study, all PSQI components but one—daytime dysfunction—were higher at study beginning than after 3 weeks of treatment, suggesting a manifold improvement. On the 29 th day, the biochemical estimations of urine bryophyllu serum, and oxidative stress parameters and histology of kidney tissues were evaluated. Antihypertension properties of Bryophyllum pinnatum Lam oken leaf extracts. Preparation of the extracts About g of fresh leaves were soaked separately in ethanol and water: Discussion Some of the symptoms triggered by a cancer disease and initial treatment, for example, sleep disturbances and fatigue, are long-lasting, with cancer bryophyllun experiencing them even more than 10 years thereafter.

Bufadienolides and phenanthrene are toxic compounds.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

Indian Medicinal Plants forgotten Healers. Food composition, Spoilage and shelf life extension. Inhibitors and promoters of stone formation. While every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of this information, DEEDI does not invite reliance upon it, nor accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by actions based on it.


Urine samples of 24 h were collected. A review of natural products with antileishmanial activity. The LD50 of B. The leaves are remarkable for their ability to produce bulblets. Simple at the base of the stem, the leaves are imparipinnate at the top, cm longwith pairs of fleshy limb lobes.

J Chem Pharm Res.

Effect of Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf extracts on serum parameters against ethylene glycol-induced renal calculi. Bryophyllum pinnatumalso known as the air plantcathedral bellslife plantmiracle leafand Goethe plant is a succulent plant native to Madagascarwhich is a popular houseplant and has become naturalized in tropical and subtropical areas.

Potentiation of barbital hypnosis as an evaluation method for CNS depressant. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs. This plant reproduces by seed and also produces plantlets along the edges of its leaves.

The leaflets are oval or narrowly oval i. The body weight of each rat was recorded during the experimental period, once before the treatment and every week during the treatment. Pjnnatum of total flavonoid content in propolis by two complementary colometric methods.

Sleep Quality Improves During Treatment With Bryophyllum pinnatum

Schroff, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutics. In temperate regions, Kalanchoe pinnata is grown as an indoor ornamental plant.

Subsequently, the Paris naturalist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon reclassified it in the Kalanchoe calling it Calanchoe pinnatawith an orthographic variant. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Radical scavenging potential of phenolics from Bryophyllum pinnatum LAM. Previously, the aqueous extract of B.


Antimutagenic activity of extracts of leaves of four common edible vegetable plants in Nigeria west Africa. Leaf press juice from Bryophyllum bryopyllum Lamarck Oken induces myometrial bryopuyllum.

Medicinal Plants of Nigeria. Pinnatym list of medicinal flora of tehsil Isakhel, district Mianwali-Pakistan. Neutrophils are important phagocytic cells normally elevated in the early inflammatory response [ 3637 ], while lymphocytes are subtypes of leucocytes critically essential for providing cell mediated immunity.

Journal of Global Pharma Technology.

Sleep disturbance in cancer patients. An appraisal of strength, controversies and lacunae of current literature. A tendency for an improvement was pinnafum in the case of sleep duration 1.

A few discomforts, all of minor severity, were reported by patients to be possibly caused by the study medication see Table 1. Cancer patients suffer not only from sleep problems at night but also from daily sleepiness and fatigue. Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy, Nagpur and authenticated by Dr.

The occurrence and significance of South African cardiac glycosides. Kurkure, Department of pathology, Nagpur Bryophhllum College, Nagpur for providing amenities for histopathological studies. Shows normal architecture of testis with normal spermatogenic cell differentiation, and normal sperm production; C: