Busting the Bocage: Hedgerow Fighting with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This scenario pack depicts fighting involving the US 2nd Ranger Battalion on and shortly. Buy Busting the Bocage: American Combined Operations in France, 6 June July by Michael D. Doubler, Combat Studies Institute (ISBN. Im playing the missione busting the bocage, but i do not understand one thing. The tactic is: 1. move the rhino through the bocage to create a.

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Busting the Bocage (1st Edition)

These orientation problems aggravated normal difficulties in getting platoons and companies to advance under fire. By late July, 60 percent of First Army’s Shermans mounted the hedgerow-cutting devices. In an unsupported blitz attack across the open spaces of an abandoned airfield south of Villiers-Fossard, ele- ments of CCA lost twenty-seven Shermans. The 29th Division’s attack, 11 July 44 3. One of the fatal mistakes made by infantry replacements is to hit the ground bofage freeze when fired upon.

Not until the Huertgen Forest or the German Ardennes offensive would American units be so challenged in battle. Unable to communicate during combat, infantry squads and tankers failed to coordinate their fires against the Germans. Pinned down in the open in the middle of a well-prepared kill zone, infantrymen were unable to maneuver and continue the attack. Around noon, the 38th Infantry finally reached the top of Hill as the Germans disengaged and withdrew to the south.

Busting the Bocage (1st Edition) – ASL – Noble Knight Games

Did you read the designer notes – the inclusion of engineers and Rhinos is explained in that? Bocwge a result, each tank company needed seventeen tons of explosives. For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. As far as tanks in the hedgerows – if you think theres an AT gun you need the engineers if at all possible.


Army, busting through the difficult Bocage country required tac- tical, doctrinal, and organizational ingenuity. The broad conceptual framework for this study of the U. In addition, supporting mortars lobbed rounds on the first defensive position, while artillery shelled German defensive positions in depth.

Return to Book Page. Serious training deficiencies led to ineffective cooperation between the combat arms in the early hedgerow fighting. Captain Folsom was a rifle company commander in the th Infantry, 83d Infantry Division, during the Normandy campaign.

Without the development and use of special hedgerow tactics, the U. The squad moved through the hedgerow de- ployed on line and advanced across the open field using stan- dard methods of fire and movement. Artillery observers rode in the lead tanks and brought accurate, indirect fire down on the enemy. More than anything else, the Normandy campaign is an excellent example of how a military organization can adapt it- self to unforeseen circumstances and a hostile environment.

Demo- litions were not readily available in such quantities, and the problems involved in the transport and emplacement of enough explosives seemed insurmountable. Folsom, “Hedgerow Fighting,” 1— The attack began as engineer teams or dozer tanks gapped the first hedgerow and indirect fire fell on and behind the forward German positions.

The Army National Guard, bocaye, which has been hailed as the definitive history of the Army Guard. The infantry found that the tank’s rear-deck telephones helped greatly in coordinating the attack. The standard infantry regiment, the next major command below division level, consisted of three infantry battalions, an antitank company, a cannon company, a headquarters company, a service company, and a medical detachment.

During an bocxge, digging holes and emplacing charges would simply budting too long. On 24 June, engineer squads from the 29th Division’s st Engineer Combat Battalion emplaced demolition charges on hedgerows during a limited attack by elements of the th Tank Battalion and the th Infantry.


The scenario was designed so that you could get a feel for the different ways in which the Allies would breach bocage. Meanwhile, combat units of Major General Charles H. Instead, they tended not to fire at suspected enemy positions but bustinng wait for a definite target before opening fire.

The major change is in the map, which now comes in the form of two overlapping maps printed on light cardstock instead of paper. Bill Mullen rated it it was ok Jul 05, Army that had been equipped and organized with the out- break of war. That is because the thousands of old links are slowly being updated but not all have been completed yet. The swamplands restricted all cross-country maneuver, making the use and control of the road network a necessity for offensive operations.

Even a classic work like S. An explosion alerted the Germans that a tank would soon appear through the hedgerows. Army had to push inland and expand its beachhead as a prelude to larger operations.

First Army defeated the Germans in a series of battles that placed a premium on leadership and ingenuity at the small-unit level. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. Others said it was more akin to Indian fighting. Out of the seven radios authorized in an infantry company, only the company commander’s radio transmitted and received with tank radios.