e secondarie. Vista del solaio in lamiera grecata con travi in acciaio principali e secondarie Verifica fissaggio connettore: piegatura a 45° – Tecnaria. Pacchetti solaio. Cargado . G1 solaio gettato in opera esempio 20+5 = 3,00 kN/ mq oppure lamiera grecata. G2 soletta da calcolare 25*0,05 G2 = 1,25kN/mq. Find out the most recent pictures of Solaio In Acciaio E Tavelloni here, and also you E Tavelloni 60 xpx Calcolo Solaio In Acciaio EXCEL Avec Calcolo 26 xpx Solaio Solaio In Acciaio Tavelloni Lamiera Grecata Legno A.

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The chemical composition of the existing iron beams, lamirea hampered by the presence of dust, rust or mortar, makes it difficult, if not impossible, to weld metal elements.

Levelling was carried out with loose filler material.

However, during the calculations it is also possible to allow for a floor xalcolo shoring. This cookie is strictly necessary for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be turned off. A filling layer, often using waste material from the building site, was laid on top of the structure thus obtained, to level the surface of the floor and provide the bed for laying the floor finish.

It is preferable to replace these heavy layers with aerated clay or polystyrene. Technical installations cannot be inserted into the slab.

Floor with profiled sheeting. Factory, Vedelago (TV) – Floor reinforcement and restoration

Restoration of wood floors Steel floors Hollow bricks and concrete floor consolidation. Google Analytics We track anonymized user information to improve our website. This cookie is strictly necessary for Cloudflare’s security features and cannot be turned off. Advantages are obtained in terms of strength, stiffness, and partly in thermal and acoustic insulation. Solaio ssolaio del getto di calcestruzzo Vista del solaio metallico a lavoro quasi ultimato.

Solaio In Acciaio E Tavelloni

The consolidation of steel lamierra is recommended and always necessary for seismic reasons. Vista del solaio Fasi di lavorazione sul solaio in lamiera grecata. These existing beams often cannot be welded due to their chemical composition.

Acconsenta ai nostri cookie se continua ad utilizzare il nostro sito web. The limited size makes it most suitable for use in floors not subject to high loads and for general restoration work where a great flexibility of use is required. It is therefore necessary to measure the section of the profile and know the characteristics of the steel. The solution chosen was a structure with steel columns and beams, profiled sheeting floor and connected slab.


Connettori Diapason fissati su lamiera Connettori fissati sopra la lamiera grecata. Once the profiled sheeting is in position over the steel beam, it is sufficient to shoot the high-strength nails supplied with the connector. Vista dal di sotto solaio metallico Vista del solaio in lamiera grecata con travi in acciaio principali e secondarie.

Lightweight concrete can also be used. The assembly operations did not pose any problems, because the cut-to-measure steel beams could be easily carried inside the building and put in place, creating a double-joisted metal structure.

Floor with profiled sheeting. Factory, Vedelago (TV)

It was decided to create a modular metal structure designed in compliance with anti-seismic requirements. After reading the instructions on how to use of the gun, the operator worked in complete safety, wearing goggles, acoustic protection and gloves, all of which are supplied together with the nail gun. Acconsenta ai nostri cookie se continua ad utilizzare il nostro sito web.

The profiled sheeting floor was secured to the structure using connectors. The space between the beams was in filled with solid or hollow brick elements.

The use of a composite structure meant a significant reduction of the total thickness of the floor and the weight of the whole structure, whilst ensuring high load-bearing capacity and anti-seismic characteristics. The floor structures which have been strengthened where […].

Cookies We use Cookies to give you a better website experience. A maximum of two sheets, with a total thickness of 2 mm, may be laid one on top of the other. The beams rested on the main walls with a spacing usually varying from 60 to cm. Diapason connectors which provide a high level of performance were fixed to the main beams which needed to support higher loads using a Spit nail gun, while CTF connectors were fixed to the secondary beams through the profiled sheeting greata distribute any stress.


Prova di piegatura connettore Verifica fissaggio connettore: The nails can also be fixed into solid steel. Restoring and strengthening existing steel floor structures by using a thin layer of reinforced concrete July 18, It is especially recommended for use in seismic areas.

The technique proposed is well suited to prefabricated joist floors Baustawhile it is difficult for Sap or Varese floors, which have concrete joists of very small sizes.

Tecnaria connectors are particularly advantageous for applications […]. This precaution brings benefits in terms grecataa stiffness and seismic resistance of the floor.

In these rare cases the connectors are welded.

The brick elements can be used as formwork for the subsequent casting if they are in good condition. Strengthening of steel floor structures in Gredata, Italy. No technical installation must be inserted in the slab. A chalk line was drawn, centering the beam covered by the profiled sheeting, to identify the line of the CTF fixing points.

Normally 8 mm diameter, 20 x 20 cm mesh is used.

Cookies We use Cookies to give you a better website experience. They will be fixed closely spaced near the walls and more widely spaced in the centre of the beam. However, fixing the nail into the beam may create vibrations and this must be taken into account if there are elements that could be damaged e. Profiled sheeting may be used as an alternative. Suitable for all types of steel and all profiles with a thickness greater than 6 mm.

Lamiera grecata e trave in acciaio Connettori fissati direttamente su trave in acciaio. The construction of new floors using the composite steel-concrete method is very beneficial in many situations, both as far lamira the practicality of the works, and the performance levels that can be reached with reduced thicknesses. Nailed connector and welded connector July 18, It is not necessary to fix the mesh to the connectors.