STAGE 1. 1 LESSON l. A PEN długopis. A PENCIL ołówek. A BOOK ksiąka. WHAT’S co(to) jest? THIS to. IT’S to jest. WHAT’S THIS? It’s a pen. 2 SEE CHART 1. has only one syllable, whilst the adjective “expensive” has three syllables: ex – pen – sive. . We say “Good morning” to people between about 6 a.m. and 1 p.m., “Good afternoon” between 1 priamy, rovný priamo, rovno metóda to sa volá. WHAT DO YOU THINK ONE OUGHT TO DO IF ONE WANTED TO EARN .. 1. We use the Past Progressive when there are two actions in the past, both in.

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Callan Method – Book 1 – Stage 2

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