Caterpillar® D Mining TruckName Venue Date Overview Caterpillar® D Mining Boletin Competitivo Camiones Mineros Caterpillar -TEJB Camion Minero D – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Wire Description Wire Number C F F F F G Wire Color Description Power Circuits KENR June .

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Resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and sound, the miinero ROPS is designed as an extension of the truck frame. The left side mirror mounting bracket is more robust and allows mirror glass to be easily replaced, without the need for a new mirror assembly. Underloading increases costs due to lost payloads, underutilizes equipment, and drives cost-per-ton.

Brakes are completely enclosed and sealed to prevent contamination and reduce maintenance. Torque rise effectively matches transmission shift points for maximum efficiency and fast cycle times. Power Train – Transmission Cat mechanical power train delivers more power to the ground for greater productivity and lower operating costs.

Automatic brake modulation offers a smoother ride and better control in slippery conditions, allowing the operator to concentrate on driving. The other pump feeds a new priority valve and provides hydraulic pressure and flow to feed steering, brake cooling, rear axle filtration RAXand the optional RAX cooler systems. Arco minero del orinoco. Easy-to-use software enables service 7993d and mine personnel to generate health and payload reports for more effective machine management.

The better the match of body to application, the greater the efficiency. Integrated Braking System The Mminero oil-cooled braking system delivers reliable performance and control in the most extreme haul road conditions. Viewing Area Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area enables the operator to maneuver with confidence for high miner.


Pressure Test Points Disconnect valves are conveniently located throughout the hydraulic systems for easy pressure testing.

793D Mining Truck

Pistons The Caterpillar two-piece piston design combines the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same system. An oil film prevents direct contact between the discs. All configurations deliver increased speed on grade and include key components that are performance matched to the hauling application and site conditions. Cat truck bodies are designed for optimal strength, capacity and durability. Your Cat 7933d can arrange training programs to help operator’s improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce operating costs, enhance safety, and improve return damion the investment you make in Cat products.

Cat ET service mlnero provides service technicians with easy access to stored diagnostic data through the Cat Data Link to simplify problem diagnosis and increase machine availability. Fuel Tank standard Minro life friction material has double the wear life of standard brakes and is twice as resistant to glazing for more consistent braking power with less noise.

Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last. To the running of this website, we need your help to support us.

Embed Camion Minero D. ORS meters and injects used engine oil from the crankcase into the engine’s fuel return line. Cat final drives work as a system with the planetary power shift transmission to deliver maximum power to the ground. Individual clutch modulation provides smooth clutch engagements to optimize performance and extend clutch life.

Cat | D Mining Truck | Caterpillar

A solenoidis anelectricalcomponentthatis activatedbyelectricity. Nominal Payload Capacity Safety Caterpillar mining machines and systems are designed with safety as the first priority. A separate circuit prevents cross contamination for long life. Alert System Three-category warning system alerts operator of abnormal machine health conditions.


Intelligent, Caterpillar designed machine monitoring system provides critical machine health and payload data in real-time to keep the D performing at top production levels. The Cat B Minedo Displacement engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications.

Camion Minero D – Documents

Additional braking may be applied using the manual retarder or the brake pedal. Gauge Cluster Conveniently located gauge cluster maintains a constant display of vital machine functions, including: Affiliates Caterpillar Caterpillar parts. Balanced front to rear brake torque provides exceptional braking performance and minimizes wheel lock-up, especially during retarding.

VIMS PC VIMS-PC, the off-board reporting software program, allows service personnel to download a complete record of machine health and productivity data to a laptop computer for diagnosis and analysis. Support goes far beyond parts and service. Standard Arrangement The standard arrangement is designed for exceptional, all-around performance.

A magnetcloses thecontacts ofanormallyopenreedswitch;itopens thecontacts ofanormallyclosedreedswitch. Tail extensions, sideboards, tumblebars, rock boxes and rock shedders are available to maintain rated payload, reduce spillage, and improve hauling efficiencies. Mechanical Power Train The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission minego unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep camioj, in poor underfoot conditions, and on haul camuon with high rolling resistance.