Kiko: Canto de los niños “¿Por qué esta noche es diferente? Call to Joy (1); Camino Neocatecumenal Jornada Mundial de la Juventud (1). Camino Neocatecumenal Internacional · December 24 at PM ·. EL ICONO DE LA NATIVIDAD EXPLICADO. El ángel les dijo: “No temáis, pues os anuncio. Stream Jerusalén reconstruida by cruzgloriosa from desktop or your mobile device.

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The neutrality of this section is disputed.

The Neocatechumenal Way regards liturgy as one of its three fundamental elements tripodalong with the Word of God scriptureand Christian community.

Unknown September 1, at So, he will be missunderstanding dangerously catholic and jewish traditions and telling both of them mistaken teachings.

Tim October 29, at 3: Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met. Excuse my lack of knowledge in those chants in English version. The future Pope remarked that they also entail greater or lesser dangers, but that it “happens with all living beings”. In there were around 40, such communities throughout the World, with an estimated million Catholics following the itinerary. Ma Nishtana – Passover Songs. Anonymous October 10, at 9: From De, the free encyclopedia.

Neocatechumenal Way

In any case, I knew the Neocatechumenals from the very outset. I listened to some of these really horrible music scary. Dear Alejada, thank you for your commentary, your English is quite good!

In architecture, temples, parish facilities cahtos and seminaries are plenty of simbologies.


I am sure there most of Kiko’s songs are just a simple copy if we attend to how he uses to do everything in his life. The world Seen from Rome. Staff and students of the Takamatsu Redemptoris Mater seminary relocated to Rome in[61] and in the Japanese episcopal conference asked the Way to suspend its activities in Japan for five years. I do not neocatecumebal so because he [pointing at Kiko] paid me, no!

The highest number of communities found in Europe and the World are found in Italy 10, communities and Spain 7, communities. Sometimes, the most of them actually, his traductions are no correct at all. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Alejada October 8, at 1: For instance, during World Youth Day held in SydneyGeorge Cardinal Pell said neocatecumenwl of theinternational visitors that attended, 40, were from the Neocatechumenal Way, [20] and someattended Madrid World Youth Day.

Jerusalén reconstruida by cruzgloriosa | Free Listening on SoundCloud

The Neocatechumenate, as an itinerary of Christian initiation, is implemented in small, parish -based communities of up to 50 people. A spokesman for the Way reported the letter to ZENITsaying that “We share the sense of urgency expressed by Archbishop Chacour to evangelize ‘the living stones’ in the land of the Lord. Based on the Liturgical Movementspecially the ideas of Romano Guardini and Rudolf Schwarz that would influenced the Second Vatican Council renewal of the liturgy, the movement fosters a special care for some aesthetic questions about the celebrative spaces.

Kiko took the idea of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, who gathered his people to have long catechesis before singing their songs.

The page is written in spanish.


In iconography, it makes a retrieval of Byzantine art. Is there a place where Kiko says these are his originally? During the Neocatechumenal Way vocational meeting held near the Sea of Galilee following Pope Benedict XVI ‘s visit to the Holy Land in MayArguello described the Way’s situation in the Holy Land, claiming thirty communities that follow several different Christian rites, and holding them up as an example of the ecumenical breakthrough.

I do so because I want to do it. All singers, artist, musicians, actors, etc copy and take inspiration from others.

This section has multiple issues. The Neocatechumenal Way has encountered resistance and criticism from both clergy and theologians. Each song is accompanied by a catechesis also made in Kiko. Even those ones are heard in several catholic Church celebrations as if they were part of traditional catholic liturgic acerb. The itinerant catechists do not make any formal commitment to their missionary role, and are free to resign at any time. In the Way is not possible to introduce a song not musicaly arranged by Kiko.

It’s not my post. So in some cases their members do not participate in the parish except to celebrate their Masses on Saturday evening with their communities.

Retrieved from ” https: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Neocatechumenal Way. He is the only ans supreme compositor.