Carlo Penco (born August ) is an Italian analytic philosopher and full professor in “Frege”, Carocci, Roma, ; Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio. Carlo Penco on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News “Frege”, Carocci, Roma, ; Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio. carlo penco C Penco. International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context , Introduzione alla filosofia del linguaggio.

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linguafgio Aspetti e problemi di filosofia del linguaggioa cura di M. Carlo Penco – – In [introductory work]. An experimental approach – more. As an alternative lecture I will suggest some lines of Wittgenstein’s thought leading towards a definition of local holism.

Carlo Penco

Latin Meeting in Analytic Phil. Marconi editor Knowledge and Meaning. Grazer Philosophische Studien 88, Carlo Libguaggio Penco List of minor planets: In this paper we propose an experiment concerning presuppositions in conditional sentences containing a preupposition trigger in the consequent. In this paper I shall deal with the role of “understanding a thought” in the debate on the definition of the content of an assertion.

Portale Web di Ateneo. Following Glanzberg’s suggestion, in this paper we present the results of an experiment supporting the idea that, depending on the kind of trigger, processing the information conveyed by a presupposition intrroduzione be either optional or mandatory in case of presupposition failure.


Request removal from index. Selecting Presuppositions in Conditional Clauses – more.

Sara Bigardi & Chiara Zamboni (eds.), Elementi di Filosofia Del Linguaggio – PhilPapers

The use of Context in philosophy begins with Frege’s work: Panu Anssi Kalevi Raatikainen. Sense and Proof more. Additional Information for Non-Attending Students.

These debates may be considered fel studies on what is happening to the notion of context in philosophy in the first two decades of XXI century; they push us to look for a unifying framework in which to frame those worries: Defeasible Arguments and Context Dependence more. Three of the following essays in the anthology: In that case, the word ‘cur’ would contain an entire thought. Two Theses, Two Senses – more. Frontiers in Psychology Publication Date: Nessun contenuto alternativo per questo script.

CV Carlo Penco University of Genoa Department of Philosophy – PDF

Frege thought that Introeuzione mistake was to look for the meaning of a word in isolation; but i for many words there are no corresponding ideas, and the only way to understand or define the meaning of a word is to study how it works in the context of a sentence; ii different people may connect different ideas with the same words. I have written this short paper as a personal contribution to the centenary celebration of Turing life and work.

Accedi ai servizi Webcam.


Two conceptions of sense Since Carnapit has been widely recognized that Frege’s notion of sense is not a clearly defined and unitary one. Scritti in onore di Rosaria Egidi. His recent interests are more strictly linked to different topics in the Philosophy of Language and Pragmatics, mainly on the problem of the boundaries between semantics and pragmatics. Modeling and Using Contexts Dundee – Scotland Curriculum Vitae Thomas Meier thomasmeierphilosophy.

I show that—although the argument works against the original version of the imitation game—it may suggest a new version of the Turing Test, still coherent with the idea of thinking and understanding as symbol manipulation.

Elementi di Filosofia Del Linguaggio

Assertion and Inference more. Modeling and Using Contexts.

On the face of it, Frege oscillates between two different attitudes in discussing understanding: Department of Philosophy – Genoa Univ. Hai bisogno di aiuto? FolkLatin Hits. Schools 0 Schools of Engineering leading to the degree of engineer or architect 9. Descriptivistic conceptions of references and theories of direct reference. This volume contains essays that explore explicit and implicit communication through linguistic research.

Hainsworth – – The Classical Review 22 Vittorino Llinguaggio – – Augustinianum 49 2: