()*, , , , et S 3MMC. IMPORTANT: Conserver ces directives d’utilisation à titre de référence. Cartucho Serie Instrucciones. cartucho/filtro If the 3MTM Mercury . El Adaptador para Filtros/ Cartuchos de 3MMR está Mercurio de 3MMR, coloque los cartuchos en la. Cheap filter respirator, Buy Quality gas protection directly from China gas mask filter Suppliers: 3M gas mask filter Genuine guarantee against Mercury.

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Engage front snap by squeezing front of cartridge and adapter together. Don’t have an account? Don’t show me this message again. Alpha chloroacetophenone CNortho chlorobenzylidene. Cleaning with solvents may degrade some respirator components and. Align opening of fi lter with fi lter attachment on 6090. Do not use in atmospheres containing.

3M 7800S User Instructions

Place palms of hands to cover face of cartridge or open area of fi lter retainers and inhale gently. Replace the gasket if it is warped, distorted, cut, split or cannot. Handling, transportation and disposal of spent cartridges, fi lters, or respirators.

Replace if the valve is distorted, cut, split or cannot. Must be followed each time respirator is worn. D – Air-line respirators can be used only when the respirators are supplied with respirable air meeting the. If you feel the facepiece collapse slightly and pull closer to your face with no leaks between the. It is necessary to have special care to use this product in explosive atmospheres. P Particulate Filter, 3M recommended ozone protection. When in supplied air mode, your employer must provide breathing air that meets at least the requirements of the.


Consulter les directives d’utilisation.

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The airborne contaminants which can be dangerous to your health include those that are so small you may not. Add neutral detergent if necessary.

This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause an allergic reaction.

Remove the gaskets from each side of the facepiece. Place your thumbs onto the center portion of the fi lters, restricting airfl ow through fi lters and inhale gently. P Advanced Particulate Filter, 3M recommended ozone protection.

Les produits de la Division des produits de protection individuelle de 3M sont. Respirador de pieza facial completa Serie To use the 6009 combination dual airline breathing tubes SA and SA without cartridges or fi lters, attach.

Examine all plastic parts and gaskets for signs of cracking or fatiguing and replace if necessary. Cleaning cartucyo recommended after each use. The lens should be inspected for cracking or crazing.


Push diaphragm assembly out of the facepiece from underneath using the eraser end of a pencil or a. Ammonia and methylamine and particulates. Certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, chlorine. The center adapter, lens and faceseal can also be removed if. Be sure the gasket is fl at and seated correctly. Conserve estas Instrucciones para referencia futura.

Ne pas utiliser lorsque la. Ensure all attachments are secure prior to each use. Loosen the adapter nuts and position cartridge to desired location. Ensure all attachments are secure. Ha logrado un ajuste adecuado, si la pieza facial se abulta un poco y no se detectan fugas carticho aire entre la carra 1. Store respirator away from contaminated areas when not in use. Replace if gasket is warped, distorted, cracked or split. If respirator becomes damaged, leave the contaminated area immediately and repair or replace the respirator.


Replace the valve if necessary. Twist clockwise one quarter, turn. Align notch on edge of adapter with facepiece mark as shown Fig. Remove the cartucgo cup.

Use only exact replacement parts in the confi guration as specifi ed. Remove the gasket from the air inlet opening base. Clean facepiece excluding fi lters and cartchoby immersing in warm cleaning solution, water temperature. Engage back snap by squeezing back side of cartridge and adapter together using the same hand positions.

H – Follow established cartridge and canister change schedules or observe ESLI to ensure that cartridges and. The center of the lens is marked.

In environments containing only oil aerosols, P-series.