Abstract. The present research was aimed to study the biology of Caryedon serratus (Olivier) on groundnut,. Arachis hypogaea (L.) under. C. serratus infestation of groundnuts is revealed by larval emergence holes and the presence of cocoons outside the pods. Feeding damage to the seeds can be . Higher rates of infestation by the larvae of the seed weevil Caryedon serratus Olivier (Col., Bruchidae) were recorded. The larvae of C. serratus bore into the.

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Caryedon serratus

In all of the tested host plants, the larval development of the beetle was possible on only five host plants. As for the number of eggs laid, it was on average Univ de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, p.

Four sets of pods were used making pods. The daily laying of the females showed an important variability during the oviposition period. Stage 3 lasts on average 7. Five couples of C.

After emergence, insects are separated according to their sexes under binocular microscope by observation of the last abdominal segment. The objective is not only to determine the influence of these laying substrates on the development of the groundnut beetle, but also to study the impact of these feeding supports available to the larvae on the development and the morphology of the adults.

groundnut bruchid (Caryedon serratus)

Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Larvae monitoring indicates that at emergence, females outweigh males hence a sex-ratio of 0.


Coleoptera on tamarind seeds in Tamil Nadu.

Dedicated naturalists volunteer their time and resources here to provide this service. Plant pests of quarantine importance to the Caribbean.

Plant Material The eerratus of groundnut developed for their resistance to peanut rosette virus were used for our work Table 1. Adult beetles measurement was also taken on the emerged insects from non-cultivated plants seeds; caryedo are recorded on the Table 8. Journal of Stored Products Research, 3: As far as the survival rate of larvae is concerned, more than half of laid eggs evolves to give adults, whatever the pod size; suggesting that this parameter does not have an influence on emergence rate.

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Incidence of Caryedon serratus Olivier Bruchidae: Hashmi AA; Tashfeen A, The results of pre-oviposition, oviposition seerratus post-oviposition duration are presented on Table 3. One-seed groundnut pods had a 2.

Curculionidae under Constant Temperature. The longest larval development durations were observed with B. Comparative effects of some botanicals for the control of the seed weevil Caryedon serratus Olivier Col. Proceedings of the Hawaii Entomological Serartus, 3: Bugguide is hosted by: Legume Research, 28, As for adults lifespan, males live longer The results have demonstrated that the pre-oviposition on groundnut lasts on average 1.

Caryedon serratus (Olivier) – Caryedon serratus –

For each plant species a bottle closed with a very close mesh-net muslin cloth was serraus. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 42 1: Journal of Stored Products Research, 26, Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology, 16, Upcoming Events Discussioninsects and people from the BugGuide Gathering in VirginiaJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in WisconsinJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in VirginiaJune Bruchidae from the Middle East.


Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available.

Journal of African Zoology, At stage 2, the development duration average was 6. It is on F. For these authors, F.

A total of eggs on pods with three seeds, eggs on pods with two seeds and eggs on pods with one seed are obtained. Environmental Entomology, 37, Journal of Arid Environments, 51, Establishment of the peanut bruchid Caryedon serratus in Australia and two new host species, Cassia brewsteri and C. Curculionidae from Plantains in Puerto Rico.

Thereafter, a decrease of laying is observed during the five following days where the egg rate decreases to eggs Notes on the Bruchidae and their parasites in the Hawaiin Islands. Among these insect serrwtus, the Caryedon serratus Olivier beetle is the most important and the rare insects capable to attack unshelled groundnuts [6] [7] [8] [9]. Persian Gulf Crop Protection, 3, Title Eggs, larvae and damage. In fact, some females spent 4 days to lay while for others, the laying period was extended over 20 days.