View and Download Cateye MICRO Wireless CC-MCW owner’s manual online. Micro wireless ciclocomputer. MICRO Wireless CC-MCW Bicycle. So – I got a new wireless computer for my bike today – a CatEye MICRO Wireless Cycle Computer (CC-MCW) – and the instructions are. Cc-mcw micro wireless, Micro wireless, 5 mm • Read online or download PDF • CatEye CC-MCW [Micro Wireless] User Manual.

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Thank you very much! The selection A and B is for two wheel sizes on the same bike. Chuck McLeester 5 September at I, too, am so grateful for your assistance. You can find your tyre size either printed on the side of your tyre or in the owners manual and then match it to the table below to get your circumference figure for the Computer. Becky Amiss 14 May at Put bluntly, it works well!

So I just stopped using it for years.

Cateye MICRO Wireless CC-MC100W Owner’s Manual

Very well done, Sir! Might I put in a reference for you when you apply for work at the Cat Eye company?? Kevin 17 March at Grace Kerridge 2 October at Maryellen Gray 25 August at You have done the entire cycling community a great service with this web page; my only regret is that it took me about two days of Internet searching before I finally found it.


Greetings from Simi Valley, CA! Use the MODE key to move the digits up or down.

MTBK – Mountain Biking in Kent: Instructions for CatEye MICRO Wireless Cycle Computer (CC-MCW)

Jeannie in NC 31 October at Cateye should hire you. Took me 5 minutes to set mine up. In general, I have always been dismayed that in almost every endeavor, instructions are boiled down to sketches and icons rather than simple written instructions that tell one explicitly what needs to be done. On the screen, you should see a small wheel flashing with a figure next to it How Well Does it Work? You’re right, the manhal spend the money with this product and the manufacturer writes one of the worst instructions manual i ever seen in my life.

This is your total distance travelled since the last time you reset the Cycle Computer. The manual only goes up to C. Your instructions were much easier to follow.

Cateye CC-MC100W Owner’s Manual

Mark Horowitz 30 August at I feel better now my husband was laughing at me because I could not figure out the manual. This is VERY important! The instructions above allowed me to set up my Cateye unit in less than five minutes.

I would suggest fitting the sensor first. You can set this to 12 or 24 hour see later.



I spent twenty minutes trying to follow the Cateye-supplied “manual” before I told myself that I’d have a better chance of finding an online solution written by someone as equally disrespectful of the Cateye manual as I. When I started having problems with the computer and had to reset it, I was stymied. Tomoko 22 October at Very clear concise instructions.

If you wish to change it to 24hr clock, press MODE. Now I’ve written your instructions on my manual so I won’t forget next time. Therefore, I’ve ignored the ‘2 bikes’ options. Wilfried Dehne 25 March at Peggy 5 March at The manual is a load of rubbish, but this makes setting the device so simple. As an older road rider living in Southern California, I want to say “thanks” for your very credible effort and, also, I hope you and the rest of the lads in the UK are finally over that little skirmish we had with you about years ago I prefer in the centre as I have a lockout switch on the right hand side of my handlebars already.

Really simple, helpful instructions.