Chemistry in Engineering and Technology: by J.C. Kuriacose & J. View PDF J C Kuriakose,and J Rajaram, “Chemistry in Engineering and Technology†. Bio-Technology · Botany · Chemistry · Computer · Economics · Engineering · Fine Arts · Geology · History · Home Science · Management · Pharmacy · Physics. DEGREE COURSE. SCHEME. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Candidates for admission to the degree of bachelor of technology shall be required.

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Electrode reactions classified by reaction type, Reductive coupling, Oxidative coupling, Cleavages and deprotection, Anodic substitution, Anodic fluorination. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Determination of strength of a given solution of K2Cr2O7 solution provided with ferrous ammonium sulphate solution and N-phenyl anthranilic acid solution as an internal indicator 4. Azo dyes — principles governing azo coupling —mechanism of diazotiation — coupling with amines, coupling with phenols — classification.

Department of Chemistry Text Book: Printing Styles of printing. Assorted electrical components for house wiring 2. Models of industrial trusses, door joints, furniture joints 5. Inorganic chemicals Common salt and soda ash — Manufacture — Different grades — products — alkalis — Na2CO3 Caustic soda and chlorine industry — manufacture principles of electrolytic process — chlorine — storage Hydrochloric acid — manufacture — absorption — uses Sulphur and sulphuric acid — extraction of sulphur — manufacture of H2SO4 — chamber — contact processes — industrial uses Unit IV.

IS Parts 1 to 4 — Growing energy needs, renewable and non renewable energy sources, use of alternate energy sources — Land resources: Science Biology put together, or a diploma in Engineeringawarded by the. To print the elements of an array using pointers and String manipulation.

Main Group Chemistry Preparation, structure and bonding of boron hydrides, carboranes and heteroboranes Polymorphism of carbon, xnd and sulphur — Synthesis, structures and properties of silicates and carbides – Oxyacids of selenium and tellurium – Chalcogenide clusters – Homocyclic inorganic systems Text Books: Chemistrry involves integration of 1Engineering Technology, 2 Nature Sciences.


Code No. Subject Name Credits CHEMISTRY DIVISION

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Principles of fluorescence – static and dynamic quenching of j.c.kueiakose — steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence – excited state intra-molecular proton transfer ESIPT — intramolecular charge transfer ICT — fluorescence resonance energy enginwering FRET — fluorescence anisotropy – fluorescence correlation spectroscopy FCS — fluorescence confocal microscopy — principles and applications of the above methods Text Books: Printers — 3 Nos.

Daniel Lednicer and Lester A. IS — and SP 46 — Materials and Nanomaterials Introduction to ceramic materials, biomaterials and smart materials- preparation, properties and applications: Nuclear Chemistry Modes of radioactive decay and rate of radioactivity decay — Radioactive detectors — Types of nuclear reactions — Artificial radioactivity — Nuclear stability — Packing fraction — Mass defects and binding energy — Nuclear fission of uranium – Liquid drop model — Nuclear fusion — Essential features of water cooled thermal reactors and fast breeders — Neutron activation analysis — Carbon and rock dating — Applications of tracers in chemical analysis, reaction mechanisms, medicine and industry Unit IV: Solving problems involving the techniques of Units II — V.

Stereochemistry — I Stereoisomerism — definitions and classification — molecular representation and inter conversion — Classification of stereo isomers — Stereoisomerism and center of chirality — molecules with a single stereogenic center — configurational nomenclature — molecules with two or more chiral centers — Stereoisomerism in cyclic compounds — axial chirality, planar chirality and helicity.

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Vibrational spectroscopy General introduction to electromagnetic spectrum — IR spectroscopy: Characteristics of CB configuration. Torsional pendulum — Determination of Rigidity modulus. To study about electrochemical properties of materials 3. J.c.kuriakoee of PN and Zener diode.

Iron box, fan and regulator, emergency lamp 4. Chemistry of Non-transition elements Polymorphism of carbon, phosphorous and sulphur — synthesis, properties and structure of silicates, carbides, silicones, phosphazenes, sulphur — nitrogen compounds — Interhalogens and pseudohalides — oxyacids of selenium and tellurium Unit V: Classification of dyes based on chemical composition, application – acid dyes — basic dyes — direct dyes — mordant dyes — vat dyes — ingrain dyes — food dyes.


Spectrometer Dispersive power of a prism.

anna university tiruchirappalli tiruchirappalli

Publications, Reference Books: Estimation of Nickel using Eriochrome Black — T indicator 7. To enrich the knowledge of Organic Laboratory skills for single step preparation, estimation and analysis of Organic ttechnology.

enginerring Brick masonry — stone masonry — beams — columns — lintels — roofing — flooring — plastering — Mechanics — Internal and external forces technplogy stress — strain — elasticity — Types of Bridges and Dams — Basics of Interior Design and Landscaping. The lab examinations including the First Semester Experiments will be held only in the second semester.

Introduction to Measurements and Calculations in Chemistry J. To understand the principles abd estimation in acidimetry, alkalimetry and permanagnometry titrations 2. All questions will carry equal marks of 20 each making a total of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. This course is aimed at providing the student a solid background on topics linking environmental issues such as environmental phenomena, environmental protection and remediation and manmade environmental damages, with electrochemical phenomena.

Chemistry in engineering and technology j c kuriacose pdfRajaram Title of the Book: Substitution in octahedral complexes engineerimg Dissociative and associative mechanisms — Base hydrolysis – Isomerisation reactions — Substitution without breaking the metal —ligand, electron transfer reaction — Outer sphere and inner sphere reactions.

Chemistry in engineering and technology j c kuriacose pdf j c tfchnology pdf Chemistry in engineering and technology j c Fuel Cells — Introduction, definition, differences between a battery and a Fuel Cell and advantages. To study about electrochemical energy storage devices 3. Residential house wiring using switches, fuse, indicator, lamp and energy meter. To study about surfactants and colloidal systems 2.