circulated provided that proper attribution to the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) is made. CLUP GUIDEBOOK A Guide to Comprehensive. CLUP GUIDEBOOKS. OTHER GUIDEBOOKS. *Click the image to view file. Section 18 – Balanced Housing Development of Republic Act. No. Are you familiar with the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance? of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? The Comprehensive Land Use Plan ( CLUP).

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles – Little Miss Urbanite

Inter-Cross Sectoral Analysis Technique Principles of Effective Consultation Annex 2. PA 21 envisions a better quality of life for all through the development of a just, moral, creative, spiritual, economically-vibrant, caring, diverse yet cohesive society characterized by appropriate productivity, participatory and democratic process and living in harmony within the limits of the carrying capacity of nature and the integrity of creation.

Detailed information on the plan preparation and processes involved 2. Climate and disaster risk, and the formulation of a risk-sensitive land use plan. Review of Organizational Structure and Guieebook The cycle of poverty and conflict goes on as the costs of war escalate in terms of various kinds of destruction while withholding funds for basic services, resulting in more poverty and underdevelopment.

I actually carry this book to wherever I travel for planning workshops, it stays with me in every hotel. Social equity should mean allocation of resources on the bases of efficiency and equity to achieve balanced development. List of Recommended Stakeholders Appropriate land use and land development is one of the most concrete ways to implement CCA and DRRM, and to harmonize these with sustainable development goals.

  DSE120 - 12A PDF

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You learn from it every time you read it. Clyp consumption and production areas to achieve physical and economic integration through appropriate infrastructure systems.

The National Physical Framework Plan should be the reference point by which subsequent national and local sectoral or development plans are directly linked and aligned. Other things you will find handy: Sample LGUs with overlapping watershed boundaries Leave a Reply Cancel clu Enter your comment here Step 3 Set the Vision and Step 4 Analyze the Situation therefore, may be carried out interchangeably.

Man Hernaez July 30, at 3: Good local governance allows for collaborative partnerships among the local government, business, and civil society.

Set the Vision Focus group discussionsources of water Indigenous Step 4. It is also in recognition of the need to mainstream climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and the growing demand for guidebpok integration of planning for critical resources such as upland, coastal, ancestral domain, biodiversity areas, heritage and urban greening, which are not yet appropriately addressed by existing local enabling policies and planning processes.


Forest Irrigators or farmers Step 2. Refer to Annex for the sample schedule of planning activities in Gantt Chart. It spans from pre-planning, analysis, to IEC. For example, make a blank chart guideboo, the four book modules and try to fill in the planning stages and outputs.

See Volume 2 for reference materials. Establishing pragmatic appropriate flexible and dynamic structures or mechanisms that involve the participation of key stakeholders.

Hierarchy and Linkage of Plans. Lani Guising Msaog Tumbaga May 27, at 1: Typology of Stakeholder Analysis Methods Annex 5. Process Flowchart for CCMs Empowerment is a precondition of informal choices. Venn Diagram and Stakeholder Influence Diagram: This is very informative…thanks a lot.

Sieve Mapping Techniques and Suitability Analysis Benefits of having a CLUP 5.


The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles

Co-Management Guidelines on Forest Areas Consult a lawyer, anyone? Risk and Suitability Analysis Matrix Types of Buffer in Production Areas Within their respective territorial jurisdictions, local government units shall ensure and support, among other things, the preservation and enrichment of culture, promote health and safety, enhance the right of the people to a balanced ecology, en- courage and support the development of appropriate and self-reliant scientific and tech- nological capabilities, improve public morals, enhance economic prosperity and social justice, promote full employment among their residents, maintain peace and order and preserve the comfort and convenience of their inhabitants.

In the updated ones, we incorporate the ridge-to-reef approach in planning, as well as the new mandated elements of the CLUP. The integration aims to harmonize development goals and objectives of all barangays in cities or municipalities.

Evaluation of Alternative Development Thrusts Decision Guidelines for Land Development Projects The CLUP shall delineate actual boundaries on the ground within the territorial jurisdiction, embody the desired land use patterns of the barangay, city or municipality, translate and integrate cluup plans, and provide appropriate policies for each of the four land use planning categories. Hi I would like to buy those books. The annotated copy I have at home is almost 2 inches thick.

Guide in Conducting Consultations in Clup Preparation Sample LGUs with overlapping watershed boundaries. Stakeholders can be divided into two very broad groups: They should also be Draft Zoning Ordinance updated at key points during the process.