A guide to the latest CMDA Regulation for Residential Buildings – Flats, Apartment So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules .. No, H&UD dept, dated and published in TNGG on December who recommended the Draft Outline Development Plan with .. GUIDELINES FOR ABANDONMENT OF BORE WELLS AND. For the Chennai Metropolitan Area, the DR has been framed by the CMDA. FSI , is one of the methods under the Rules/Regulations by which the Plan.

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Regulation 28 contains Special Rules for multi storeyed buildings. This means, the total Plinth Area shall not exceed 2 times the Plot area in which the construction takes place. Sankaran i am having SQ. Regulation 25 contains several tables, which indicate how the extent of site, plot coverage, floor space index, set back, etc.

As stated earlier, under the dmda master plan rkles Chennai Metropolitan Area, a set of regulations known as Development Regulations, were issued and they were approved by the Government in G.

The writ petitioner, having paid the demand raised by the second respondent dated They shall be provided with a turn around area of 9 metres x 9 metres at the closed end. If the construction of 54 regulatjons units alone is the cause for concern, I do not know whether any development in the entire stretch of the road is going to be prohibited on this ground.

Latest CMDA Regulation for Residential Buildings – 17 – FSI, OSR, Open Area

Though the right to property has ceased to be a fundamental right, it is nevertheless a constitutional right under Article A of The Constitution and it is also considered as a human right. The learned Judge ultimately held that the governing law on the date of application, scrutiny, demand for payment of amount and conclusion of the sanction process is material and, therefore, the original demand notice, which was issued pursuant to all the said factors, is relevant to the claim of the petitioner, but not as per the impugned demand, which is in accordance with the changed government orders and the decision taken thereon and hence, law as on the date of completion of the process would be a factor to be reckoned with, but not thereafter.


But, the ultimate decision to recommend approval vests with the Panel.

Similarly, there is a requirement for a storage treatment plant, whenever the number of dwelling units exceeds Height of the building: A clear space of 10 m. Leave a Regulatilns Cancel reply. One of the matters mentioned in Clause e of Sub-Section 2 of Section 17 is ‘the traffic and transportation pattern and traffic circulation pattern’.

The second respondent, on receipt of application for planning permission, issued a demand notice dated As already pointed out in the earlier paragraphs, in para 6 of G. Therefore, aggrieved by the said order, the petitioner has come up with the above writ petition.

The details vary according to the dimensions of the Plot. In the case of others, it shall be from the property boundary.


Since the property is located in an area abutting the Metro Rail Project, the petitioner first applied for a no objection certificate to Chennai Metro Rail Limited. Try out our Premium Member services: Though the Joint Commissioner of Police Northwho represented the Additional Commissioner of Police Trafficwas present in the said meeting and though the time limit of one month stipulated by the CMDA for the Traffic Police to submit their remarks had already expired, the ultimate decision of the Multi Storeyed Building Panel was to insist on a no objection certificate from Traffic Police.

Regulation 27 deals with group developments.


Section 17 1 of the Act obliges the Local Planning Authority, after the declaration of a local planning area under Section 10 and after the constitution of the appropriate planning authority under Section 11, to prepare and submit to the Government, a plan known as Master Plan. Every person who shall commit any breach or any of the foregoing regulations shall be punishable with fine which may extend, to Rs.

It is the further submission of the learned Advocate General that earlier DC advice dated An application regulation permission to carry out any development on any land or building should be made as provided for by the Rules, by virtue of Section Nevertheless, he is included as a Member of the Panel, which is empowered to scrutinise the application for construction of a multi storeyed building, to ensure that all stake holders, have a say.

Once a representative from the Traffic Police Department is included as part of a Multi Member Expert Panel, it is incumbent upon the representative to regulatiosn forth his view points in the meetings of the Panel. But, now, all these possibilities are gone, with the Panel subordinating its own role to the role of one of its members and that too, after the completion of the proceedings in cmdda meeting of the Panel.

No individual is given the power to veto the decision taken by the majority in the Panel. At a document rulew, CMDA does not have a booklet specifically for residential buildings. Therefore, in pursuance of the planning permission granted by the CMDA, the Corporation of Chennai also granted building permission on 8.