CSSBB Primer 4th Edition September 0 /5. PRIMERS contain the appropriate bodies of knowledge plus sample questions and answers. Many ASQ. Preparing for CSSBB Test – I am currently preparing to take the If you use the Quality Council of Indiana Black Belt Primer as one of or your. Has anyone used the CSSBB Primer from the Quality Council for the ASQ exam? I am looking for recommendations for study materials and.

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You will have to put in a lot of effort and hours after you register, it will be an up hill task and there will be no easy way out, failing will not be an option, and rescheduling the exam for a later date will mess things up even more. Are there any options available where I prmier gain six sigma project experiences and qualify for ASQ?

The formal certificate and letter arrives in around 30 days depending on your location. Khan Academy apps are also available on ipad and android so you can have easy access on the go as well on your personal gadgets.

This is a recent addition to having a select few employees who qualify, to have the opportunity to take this external certification test. On ptimer exam preparation, how many weeks it took for you. Can you recommend one? You should attempt your paper in 2 passes. Did you do the Six Sigma or the Lean six sigma? Post your questions and read questions and answers others have already posted.


I will get the 5th edition then.

How I Cracked the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt Exam (CSSBB)

February 15, What are some pointers or suggestions that you would like to share that ptimer you during this process? Best of luck to you! After your have read both books, built your concepts from Khan Academy and other sources, and attempted all those exercise questions, you are now 80 percent prepared.

I agree with abasu. Is there any group on LinkedIn or any other platform that we primee join and be updated with latest methods? Meaning that in some exams there are a certain number that are “beta” questions potentially used on future exams.

Only use it for topics you do need understand and need extra help on. Moreover, if the exam is a requirement of your company, the stakes are higher since your career progress will be impacted by your performance.

Qimpro – CSSBB Primer

Your blog is an excellent source of advice for people who are seeking practical advice on the path to Six Sigma certification. Congrats for your Priemr, this information was very usefull for me! Try this book contains over questions with refresher booklet. In my first pass, I manged to complete questions in 3 hours and 10 mins. Hi Nicole, Thank you so much for the feedback. So, this book is a very important reference, but it only contains prijer questions and no exercises.

Relevant superstitions and helpful snacks are described elsewhere.

The two main books that I used during the test were the one mentioned above as well as, the Indiana BOK. I only messed up a little on my time management because I ended up spending more time in the first half also lost a significant amount of confidence by assuming that the entire question set was gonna be so difficult.


I have a hard time trying to remember whether your calculated test statistic has to be greater than or less than the critical value that you look up in a tableā€¦ and this is the reference that helped me keep all those important details straight.

This was the LEAST useful book to me for my exam prep but it might just be as result of how my brain is wired. This is very helpful and will save you a lot of time during the exam. You can treat these as a bare minimum requirement and I encourage you to explore more guides and references and post them here for everyone’s info.

Pallav September 29, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Please Sign in Register. I attached my notes the ones I brought in to the exam on this post or the one linked to it and several people have built notes using my notes and had great success.