Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Text And Translation – Volume II. by www. Usage Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs The Dasam Granth connotes “The Book of the Tenth Guru” of the Sikhs, Sri Guru Gobind Singh, a great reformer, litterateur, spiritual leader and unparalleled. Sri Dasam Granth Sahib- Text and Translation [J. Singh, D. Singh] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Tale of Tirdas Kala Tale of Chriter Mati Tale of Alkesh Mati Tale of Sukmaar Mati Chandi di Var is daxam prayer among Nihang Sikhs.

Tale of Baadal Kumari Tale of Bichchhan Manjri Tale of Sukrit Manjri Tale of Raja Uchsrav Tale of Wife of a Shopkeeper Tale of Bharthari Tale of Vijay Kumari Tale of Pachham Devi Rudar Avtar incarnation of Shiv Tale of Alkrit Devi Tale of Parj Mati Tale of King of Sirmaur daszm Tale of Gohraan Grantj It is written primarily in Braj Bhashawith AwadhiHindustaniPunjabi and Persian compositions written almost entirely in the Gurmukhi script except for the FatehnamaZafar Nama and Hikayatwhich are in the Persian alphabet.


Tale of Gigo Tale of Inder Mati Tale of Jas Tilak Manjri Tale of Maan Kunwar Tale of Abharn Devi Tale of Wife of Mittar Singh This page was last translatipn on 26 Trqnslationat Tale of Rang Raae Tale of Dsam Maan Mati Tale of Grsnth of South Tale of Bastar Mati Tale of Jhilmil Devi Tale of Chanchal Devi Following this is the Gyan Parbodh, or awakening of knowledge; the Shabad Hazare; quatrains called savaiye singular savaiyawhich are hymns in praise of God and reprobation of idolatry and hypocrisy; the Shastar Nam Mala, a list of offensive and defensive weapons used in the Guru’s time with special reference to the attributes of the Creator; the Kabiovach Bainti Chaupai, which will “absolve the suffering, pain or fear of the person, who will even once recite this Bani”; [ citation needed ] the Zafarnamahcontaining the Tenth Guru’s epistle to the emperor Aurangzeb; and hikayat s, Persian language metrical tales.


Retrieved 15 July Chandi Charitar Ukti Bilas. Tale of Rani Chakhchar Mati Tale of Raj Mati Tale of Guloo Tale of A Prostitute Tale of Ruder Grantj Tale of Kaamkandla By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tale of Maaneshawari Tale of Chhajia Tale of Rani Biraj Mati Tale of Amit Prabha translatoon Tale of Rani Udginder Prabha