De la pirotechnia. by Vannoccio Biringuccio. Publication date Usage Public Domain Mark Topics bub_upload. Collection. De la pirotechnia: Libri X. doue ampiamente si tratta non solo di ogni sorte & diuersita di miniere, ma anchora quanto si ricerca intorno à la prattica di quelle. De la pirotechnia: Vannoccio Biringuccio: known as the author of De la pirotechnia (; “Concerning Pyrotechnics”), the first clear, comprehensive work on.

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De la pirotechnia

Views Read Edit View history. A dictionary of arts, manufactures and mines. He was baptised on October 20, This page was last edited on laa Augustat Vannoccio Biringuccio as depicted in the Specola Museum in Florence.

Annual report of the Commissioner of Patents.

A lustrous gray metalloid, it is found in nature mainly as the sulfide mineral stibnite SbS. Manhattan Project people Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Catalog Internet Archive Local Library.

De la pirotechnia

Member feedback about Mining: In physics, a metal is generally regarded as any substance capable of conducting electricity at a temperature of absolute zero. Timeline of the discovery and classification of minerals topic Georgius Agricola is considered the ‘father of mineralogy’.


Biringuccio traveled about Italy, and visited Sicily in No Copyright – United States. Book metadata Icons Metadata Subject s: In later larger and more powerful fire lances, the lance-point was discarded, as these versions were too unwieldy to be used pirotexhnia melee.

When Pandolfo died, Biringuccio remained tied to the Petrucci family, being employed by Pandolfo’s son Borghese Petrucci. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Member feedback about Fire lance: The author was Vannoccio Biringuccioa citizen of SienaItaly, who died before it was published.

Foundrymen Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Ed 16th-century artillery pieces, including culverinfalconet and mortar. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Swords Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. It was a small, cosmopolitan elite within which existing knowledge was passed on a Annual report of the Commissioner of Patents for He was a follower of Pandolfo Petruccithe head of the powerful Petrucci family.

Gunpowder was invented in 9th-century China and spread throughout most parts of Eurasia by the end of the 13th century.

De la pirotechnia | work by Biringuccio |

Metallurgy Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The majority of the work is devoted to the more technical aspects of metalworking such as the miningassaying and smelting of oresbut Biringuccio also provides insights into the humanistic philosophy of the Italian Renaissance. In Pope Clement VII caused the reinstatement of the Petrucci family, and along with them Biringuccio was able to return from exile.


Pandolfo employed him as a metallurgist. It also gives details of mining practice, the extraction and refining of numerous metalsalloys such as brassand compounds used in foundries and explosives. De la Pirotechnia is considered to be the first printed book on metallurgy to have been published in Europe. Member feedback about Metal: During World War II he worked in the Chemical-Metallurgical Division of the Los Alamos Laboratory, where he purified, cast and shaped uranium and plutonium, a metal hitherto available only in microgram amounts, and whose properties were largely unknown.

Mining in a wider sense includes extraction of any non-renewable resource such as petroleum, natural gas, or even water. Here can be found the first mention of cobalt blue and manganese as well as the use of common salt to separate gold and silver from baser metals.