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Each WetFeet Insider Guide represents hundreds of hours of in-depth research, critical analysis and precise writing. We survey massive amounts of publicly available information, and augment our findings with dozens of in-depth interviews of rank-andfile employees who work for the companies and industries we cover.

We keep our company contacts anonymous to encourage candor. Finally, each Insider Guide undergoes extensive editorial review and fact-checking to ensure that the information and writing live up to our exacting standards.

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This guide addresses opportunities in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, where nearly all graduates studying at overseas universities will be placed in the region. When we mention Asia in this guide, we are referring to opportunities in all three cities.

However, note that Deutsche Bank operates two management structures in the area: Asia, excluding Japan sometimes referred to as Asia ex-Japanand Japan.

Of course we look for solid academics and relevant experience, but a lot of our strength also comes from our diversity. There are always new projects, and markets are constantly expanding and changing.

In more established banking centers, that may not be the case.

Deutsche Bank in Asia

It forces us to be creative. It was like learning to ride a bike. You might fall and scrape your knees, but someone is always there to help you back up. Deutsche encourages you to try new things, and you become familiar with a broader dutsche of products and clients.

Know why you want to work for Deutsche Bank.

Be confident, but not arrogant. Convey a genuine desire to work in Asia, and demonstrate some knowledge of its cultures and markets. You work on bits and pieces, but then you go to meetings and hear your seniors talking to clients about the book you prepared.

That means demonstrating interest through hobbies, classes, clubs, and market knowledge. The skills are transferable to Wall Street or any other market. But in the Asian markets, you will get more responsibility, more quickly, so you have to be more independent and wetveet entrepreneurial. We are even more than an international European bank.


We are a global organization. Explain how you are fueled by competition and teamwork. Explain how your attention to detail and creativity will transfer to helping clients finance their growth. We look for candidates with drive and hunger. I work with history majors and English majors, people from different countries and people who speak different languages.

We work hand in hand as a team, and our diversity makes us stronger. We compete to be the best bank. The internship program is a pipeline into the full-time graduate training program and a recruiter tells us the bank usually fills the majority of full-time positions, though not wdtfeet, from the internship program.

Deutsche Bank – (Firm) – Google Books

For remaining openings, recruiters seek qualified students beginning their final year of study. However, inDB began a sizeable recruitment effort in Australia, and that will continue in It also recruits from India, China, Singapore, and Korea.

International undergraduates are primarily being recruited for analyst positions in Global Banking and Global Markets. In Japan, there are some opportunities in support roles such as human resources, operations, and finance. The bank is exploring new markets to source talent for its graduate programs.

Internships, which are held during student breaks, are often the best way to secure a full-time analyst or associate position. While the New York Stock Exchange is well-established at more than years old, the Singapore Exchange is 10 years young.

While Wall Street bankers follow a path of long-standing traditions, Asian bankers must use innovation to forge ahead and set precedents. Regardless, Deutsche Bank is positioning itself to respond quickly to markets once again. It helps that Deutsche Bank is a global institution. Unlike some of its competitors, such as Citibank, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank has had an international base from the get-go: The bank opened its first international divisions in China and Japan in As of MarchDeutsche Bank operated in 72 countries and employed more than 1, people in Japan and more than 16, in the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

Josef Ackermann is the first non-German to run the bank. It makes us more flexible, versatile, and able to react more quickly.

Hierarchy is less prominent because people really listen to different views. For example, the bank decided to stick around after the Asian financial crisis and patiently wait for the right time to ramp up investments.

Inthe ADB predicts that growth will be 3. Insiders at Deutsche Bank are optimistic about the future and the fact that the Asian markets are still growing, albeit at a slower pace than in previous years.

We at DB have the people, the balance sheet, and the pipeline to take advantage of this. In comparison to Europe and the U. The World Bank predicted the Chinese economy would grow 7.

Deutsche is poised to ride this wave wetfest growth. Our survival starts with financial stability but it manifests with the stability of our people. New talent deytsche new ideas are in high demand. The Asian markets are also smaller, leading to more of a startup feeling relative to U. As a result, you can expect to gain a lot of experience in many areas fairly quickly.

Those who prefer a structured environment are advised to look elsewhere. The constant flux will sometimes take you out of your comfort zone, but if you stick with it, the opportunities for growth in Hong Kong, Japan, and Dektsche will very likely make the effort worthwhile.

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Recruiters look for team players with raw intelligence, agile minds, strong quantitative abilities, passion, and creativity. Most overseas candidates will join banm Hong Kong, Tokyo, or Singapore divisions. The experience of working in each place varies. The country traditionally has been thought of as a closed market, in which Japanese businesses will The Workplace Pacific.

But the reality is that in Asia we now have every product and industry group represented. In Asia, the sheer diversity of the wetveet is huge.

Here, the markets are more dynamic, with many more developing economies that are going to get a lot bigger than they are today. The sooner you get here, the better it will be. However, with the growing strength of many Asian economies, a shift is under way in the financial services industry that might give those who start their careers in Asia an advantage. In your interviews, make sure to ask about the specific opportunities and challenges associated with working in Asia.

There are 58 registered entities in the region, and divisions in 17 markets. At a glance Those concerned about whether their experience will prepare them for banking in more established markets should realize the skill set needed to succeed in Asia, New York, or London is essentially the same. Indeed, opportunities to work with peers in offshore locations, plus the diversity of the APAC region, provide the ingredients to accelerate your learning. But after a decade of recovery from a near-complete collapse and a dozen years of opened banking markets, Japan remains the second largest economy in the world and one that, unlike the rest of Asia, operates similarly to large banking centers outside the region.

This has included expanding and enhancing its flow businesses in credit, equities, foreign exchange, and interest rates, and expanding advisory services and client coverage, particularly in real-estate investment; technology, media, and telecommunications TMT ; and natural resources.

But this is changing; Japanese banks are becoming more sophisticated and can offer most of what large international banks do.

Still, the senior management at Deutsche Bank is optimistic. InDeutsche Securities Inc. DSIthe Japanese investment banking arm, made strides in bonds, structured and derivative products, real estate, and financial advisory.

DSI became the first non-Japanese institution to lead-manage a samurai a yendenominated bond from a non-Japanese issuer by the Korea Development Bank. In OctoberDeutsche Bank overtook Morgan Stanley to be the biggest seller of commercial mortgage-backed securities in Japan.

Also, in the second quarter ofDeutsche moved up 22 spots from a year earlier to rank fifth in the Thomson league tables for announced mergers and acquisitions in Japan. As a young person you can pick up the language and enjoy the unique culture here. Hong Kong has been focused on equity markets and clients in China and the rest of northern Asia.

Insiders at Deutsche Bank compare the Asian markets of today to the European markets of 15 years ago. One Deutsche Bank senior staffer is a director of the Singapore Exchange and another is a director of the Singapore Commodity Exchange. At a glance Japanese corporate and financial sector, and playing a central role in bringing external capital into Japan and injecting Japanese capital into foreign markets.