DAA1-VLA Aircraft Flight Manual. 8. 18/01/ Download. DA TR AFM Temporary Revision – Maximum CHT with SB installed. 09/11/ AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL (english) – BASIC MANUAL. Doc. No. Description. Rev. Date. Downl. E. Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). 9. We ask that you carefully read this Airplane Flight Manual and to pay special attention to the permission of DIAMOND AIRCRAFT Austria is.

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Electrical Powered Equipment Ddiamond individual consumers e. Page Figure 1. Refer to Chapter 9, Supplements, for details of optional systems and equipment. However, engine failure or other airplane related emergency situations will most likely never occur if the mandatory pre-flight check and maintenance are performed properly.

International Standard Atmosphere at which air is identified as a dry gas. An Equipment Record of items installed in your specific airplane is included in the back of this manual. Don’t show me this message again. Pho fire protection cover on the fire wall is made from a special fire retarding ceramic fiber that is covered by a stainless steel plate on the engine side. The generator feeds the main bus via the generator circuit breaker pou Amps.

Empty Weight use the data for your airplane The propeller will continue to windmill as long as the airspeed is at least 60 KIAS.

Next to the fuel filler cap. Center of Gravity Limits: On the engine controls on the center console. The powerplant instruments are located diamonnd the left hand side of the panel. This database is updated on a day cycle. For protection against water and humidity, water sumps are installed within the line. For this reason it is highly recommended that the airplane, especially the leading edge of the wings are kept clean at diamknd times.


Radio, Fuel Pump, Position Lights, etc. Observe the following light sequence of the trim indicators: These aircraft have a second vapor return line from the distribution dimaond to the firewall. Normal Operation Checklist In addition to those items contained in Section 4, Normal Operating Procedures, Preflight Inspection, check the following items if this supplement is applicable pkh the aircraft you are operating: The outlet baffles are attached to the lower cowling with screws.

Power Supply A 12 V battery is connected to the master bus via the battery circuit breaker 50 Amps. Fuel pressure is measured at the fuel distribution manifold and displayed on the fuel pressure indicator, which is calibrated in PSI.

Aircraft Flight Manual | Diamond Aircraft

Several readings should be taken to confirm accuracy. Throttle Lever Fuel Quantity Ind. Rev bars inserted adjacent to the thru changed pages.

Introduction It is essential that the responsible airworthiness authority be contacted prior to any alterations on the airplane to ensure that the airworthiness of the airplane is not affected. Tie-down rings are also installed near the midpoint on each wing for tie-down mooring ropes.

Brakes apply Safety Belts fastened Canopy closed and locked Mode Annunciation window — displays mode in po. See Table 1 below for approved brands. Was wondering how to get it in pdf. Climb performance during balked landing: The amp meter monitors generator load which will indicate low amps when the generator is off or has malfunctioned.


Diamond Aircraft :: Basic Manual

The EPU receptacle and related circuits provide for the connection of an external power source diwmond various ground operations, e. On the instrument panel.

Registration Date of Issue: Voltage supplied to the EPU receptacle should be volts nominal. Flap System Failure Flap Position Indicator Failure visual check of the flap position select airspeed within the range of the white arc marked on the airspeed indicator check all positions of the flap toggle switch flap stops are fail-safe modify approach and landing as follows: Electrical System Voltage is displayed both analog and digitally.

The suspension of the nose wheel is provided by an elastomer spring. Change in center of gravity is due to fuel consumption Figure 6.

Diamond DA20-C1 Manual

Dismond loose items pens, bags etc. No part of this manual may be reproduced or copied. Moment of Pilot and Passenger: Mooring The tail skid of the airplane has a tie down hole which can be used to moor airplane.

The CG range which an airplane with a given weight must be operated within. Permissible Utility Category Djamond Chapters Table Of Contents Turn Coordinator — Provides basic flight information, autopilot mode switching and annunciation.

All airplane components must be stored on a cushioned surface and secured to avoid any movement during transport. To print the manual completely, please, download it.