Regreso a Berlín completa el relato de la Segunda Guerra mundial iniciado por Shirer en Diario de Berlín, interrumpido en Una narración fascinante y. Encuentra Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, de William L. Shirer, Tom Weiner (ISBN: ) en Amazon. A través de las entradas del diario de Shirer se puede tener una visión de primera mano de. , Spanish, Book edition: Diario de Berlín: un corresponsal extranjero en la Alemania de Hitler () / William Shirer ; traducción de Francisco Javier .

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By the acclaimed journalist and New York Times bestselling author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, this day-by-day eyewitness account of the momentous events leading up to World War II in Europe is the private, personal, utterly revealing diagio of a great foreign correspondent.

CBS radio broadcaster William L. Shirer was the only Western correspondent in Vienna on March 11,when the German troops marched in and took over Austria, and he alone reported the surrender by France to Wililam on June 22,even before the Germans reported it.

The whole time, Shirer kept a record of events, many of which could not be publicly reported because of censorship by the Germans. In DecemberShirer learned that the Germans were building a case against him for espionage, diaario offense punishable by death. Fortunately, Shirer escaped and was able to take most of his diary with him.

Berlin Diary first appeared inand the timing was perfect.

Diario de Berlin/ Berlin Diary : William L. Shirer :

The energy, the passion, and the electricity in it were palpable. The book was an instant success, and it became the frame of reference against which thoughtful Americans judged the zhirer of events in Europe. It exactly matched journalist to event: It stood, and still stands, as so few books have willism done, a pure act of journalistic witness. Shirer had a distinguished career as foreign correspondent, news commentator, and historian of the contemporary world.

Out of these reports grew his bestsellers, Berlin Diary and The Rise and Fall of the Third Reichwhich has sold more copies for the Book-of-the-Month Club than any other book in the club’s history.

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Diario de Berlin/ Berlin Diary

A wealth of information from a talented writer. From the Nuremberg rallies to the Nazi invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland and France to midnight bombings in Berlin to the slowly unfolding story of the murder of the disabled, with brief respites with diarioo wife and diaroi born in the madness in ViennaShirer battles censors and shrapnel, dicey flights and rationing, blacked-out streets and bomb craters, all to get the story of Nazi Germany back to the U.


All of it ends with Shirer onboard a ship, watching Europe fade away: It had been a long time, but they had been happy years, personally, and for all people in Europe they had meaning and borne hope until the war came and the Nazi blight and the hatred and the fraud and the political gangsterism and the murder and the massacre and the incredible intolerance and all the suffering and the starving and cold and the thud of a bomb blowing the people in a house to pieces, the thud of all the bombs blasting man’s hope and decency.

Thanks to William Shirer for being brave enough to tell the story. Nothing like the justly famous “Berlin Diary” published in This is something along the lines of a very early draft of his “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I enjoyed if that’s the word his same-day notes on what he found in Berlin when he visited in the October of Folks living in basements, still digging out of the rubble.

His impression was that the Berliners were indeed very sad — not because of what Germany had done, but because Germany lost. In Nuremberg, he found that the man in the street, or anyway the local survivors of berlij bombing, shrugged off the war crimes trials as predictable propaganda.

So there’s a lot you could say about this. Intelligent and observant, Shirer happens to be in the heart of the hell that was Germany in the late ‘s.

This book in fact covers through latematching the heaviest focus of Rise and Fall.


Shirer is a tad self-occupied, which can be amusing and informative at times and slightly annoying at fiario, not to Hemingway levels but it’s there. This is copyrightand there’s rumblings that some of his earlier raves about Nazi Germany got left behind. I don’t know if williaj true but I could barely believe this was copyright because Shirer’s insights on the future are prescient to say the least.

He does everything but predict the eventual Russia vs West showdown. His on and off encounters with the major Fascist players are priceless. I don’t give a damn that he didn’t have a Phd in History, this sure seems like accurate history from someone in the middle of the fight. I highly recommend this CD, I thought it was better and certainly less exhaustive than Rise and Fall.

Incomparable reporting of the most important events of the last years. I have ready many books about World War II over the past 50 years, and this is one of the best. You will find nothing like it – unless it is another book written by William L. He was on the scene in pre-war Germany and highly talented in his powers of observation and skills as a journalist. It is amazing that in our age of shiter and internet news, there is nothing like Mr.


Shirer’s reporting found today. This book takes you first hand into what was going on in Germany in the years that led up to World War II. You feel like your were there. In reading this diary we can be taught to avoid the same mistakes, but sadly, who nerlin paying attention? This is a riveting book and a must read for anyone who loves history.

It is especially appropriate for this time because the enemies of freedom loom large. Hopefully history will not repeat itself.

Fully engrossing, fully satisfying; the book’s style fosters a sense of immediacy and reality that elevates it above being just “another Nazi book”.

Even though Shirer was a journalist these writings are not mere journalistic or editorial “feature pieces” but, rather, a personal account of what it felt like to witness the collapse, destruction, and enslavement of Europe, not from among the pool of war correspondents in the hotel lobby waiting on the censors, but from the shadows of the back alleys and the soft lights of the bistros where he often sat amidst the very officers and agents who directed the bloodshed.

Unfortunately, but understandably, the book ends where America’s involvement nerlin the war begins. But this is also the book’s strength, for we all know pretty much what happened from that point on, and that is where many of the war books we are familiar with begin. What makes Shirer’s book so engrossing is in its first-person account of the widespread terror that the U. And how close the British army came to sharing that fate.

It is a view of a horrible, violent war that many in this country are not familiar with, the events that transpired during our “pre-war” betlin, and Shirer presents them lucidly. Gana dinero con nosotros.

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