Here’s a step-by-step DITRA installation guide. Step 3: Select DITRA or DITRA- XL underlayment depending on the job’s. : schluter -ditra-heat installation handbook (paperback): Everything Else. Schluter -DITRA Installation Handbook The Universal Underlayment for Ceramic and Stone Tile Schluter -DITRA Specifically designed as an.

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System Solutions to Prevent Mold System Solutions to Prevent Mold How a systems approach to managing moisture is the most effective strategy for minimizing the growth of mold. DITRA s waterproofing function prevents the reintroduction of moisture to gypsum concrete underlayments, which, if not prevented, hanvbook significantly compromise performance of the underlayment and lead to damage of the tiled surface.

Schluter®-DITRA & DITRA-XL | Uncoupling (DITRA) | Membranes |

Metal roof with blanket insulation 3. Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute. Installing tile directly on concrete WILL result in significant cracking of the flooring within a short period handbooi time when the concrete expands and contracts with changes in temperature.

Schluter -DITRA s uncoupling function protects the ceramic or stone tile covering from the aforementioned deformations by neutralizing the differential movement stresses between the wood structure and the tile, thus eliminating the major cause of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface. DITRA is also noted for its ease of use when compared with materials like cement backer board.

February 4, at 4: Periodically remove and check a tile to ensure that full coverage is being attained.

Schluter DITRA – Underlayment for Tile Installation |

Grout and caulk H. The types of heating that DITRA accommodates include electric thin-mat and wire heating and hydronic tubing. I plan on replacing the plywood subfloor in the entire bathroom before adding the Ditra floor. August 21, at 3: Guides Product Spec Guide Designing and planning your new residence is a vitally important process, which will have a great influence on the future enjoyment of your home. Tile is installed over DITRA using the thin-bed method in such a way that the mortar becomes mechanically anchored in the square, cutback cavities of the matting.


The system consists of boards, insulation wedges, reveal. Owners of homes, condominiums, hotels, More information. Additionally, sufficient elevation drop from the interior to exterior at door thresholds is recommended to keep water from entering the building.

OSB, plywood and framing members should be covered with a material ditrq as DITRA underlayment because wood is very susceptible to changes and to moisture. In exterior applications surface movement joints must be placed every 8′ – 12′ 2. The ability of DITRA installations to support and distribute heavy loads while preserving the integrity of the tiled surface has been verified through extensive laboratory and field testing, including applications exposed to vehicular traffic.

To Gilles Morinno need to install cement over wood floor, please look on schluter.

Please visit our website for additional information and contacts. Since hard surface coverings are rigid by nature and have different physical properties compared to virtually every substrate, they cannot be bonded directly to the substrate, particularly in exterior applications where they are exposed to potentially severe climatic changes and ditrq recurring introduction of moisture.

Loads are transferred from the tile covering through these column-like mortar structures to the substrate. There was a time when the tile countertop held a position More information. Trim the DITRA around drains, support posts, door jambs and other obstacles while the mortar is still wet or pre-trim the piece when fitting it, before mortar is applied to the subfloor.

In addition, the free space beneath the matting limits thermal striping by promoting even heat distribution throughout the assembly.

Less installation time produces lower estimates from contractors and less hassle for DIY installers. Vapor Management The distinguishing feature of DITRA is the existence of free space created by the configured channels on the underside of the matting. Allow the mortar to sit for minutes before using it.

Schluter -DITRA Installation Handbook The Universal Underlayment for Ceramic and Stone Tile

Shingle roof system 2. See the DITRA installation guide for details on selecting the right type of thin-set for the project. Improving the flood resistance of your home Advice sheet 6: Mark Cramer Inspection Services, Inc. Slowly move the roller from one end of the matting to the other, slightly overlapping successive passes.


Please submit this form to energystarhomes energystar. What kind and thickness of plywood do you recommend to use with the Shluter? Wood continually absorbs and releases moisture.

And it should be as level as possible. DITRA is not intended to be barrier sound control system. It may be helpful to back roll the end of the matting before installation, or place boxes of tile on top of the matting after installation, to avoid curling.

Being able to recognize. Although it is common to see fiberglass batt insulation installed. Zoe Hopkins 3 years ago Views: Select a thin-set mortar designed for application over the substrate you are working with.

Schluter DITRA – Underlayment for Tile Installation

Although pre-stressing is used to help control deflections in concrete structures, these slabs are still subject to deformations caused by changes in moisture, temperature, and loading. Schluter -Shower Dktra Installation Handbook Foundation Moisture Aside from structural concerns, the most important consideration for foundation design is moisture. Roof coverings More information. Sorry, something went wrong. Legend Insulation zone Blue text Air tightness barrier note: If all items listed cannot be satisfied, there is risk of assembly failure and no warranty will be provided.

The free space beneath the DITRA matting provides a route for any residual moisture in the concrete handbopk to escape. If acceptable working conditions cannot be maintained, stop the installation.

Solid Flooring Installation Instructions phone: