The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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The Standard History,quotes: In a hearing before the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate on January 28,it was developed that his whole position was derived from the fact that he was the most secret confidant and counsel of the “monarchy;” and it is quite apparent that by the term “monarchy” there is here meant the “King-in-Council” or Crown; or in other words the City and International Finance.

Then the British and French withdrew, leaving Russia to fight Turkey alone. Most of these scholarly works are devoted to some passing phase of power politics in some part of the world, of which their author has made a specialized study, and have invariably been forgotten as the public has lost interest in that particular incident.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

That this aspect is substantially true becomes readily apparent in noting the trend of events under Liberal leadership and under Conservative leadership. Wilson, it reflected his idealism; but in its final form it was simply a fraudulent instrument to give a legal aspect to the control of the affairs of the world by International Finance.

Of this government the late President Jordan of Stanford University ekpire That the weakness of the Chinese dynasty was not as great as represented may be apparent from the fact that the Emperor Kwang-Hsu ventured to dismiss the British hireling Li Hung-Chang with the support of the Nationalists in the summer ofbut as a result was himself deposed by the British, and Li Hung-Chang restored to influence under the nominal regency of the Empress Dowager.

With the American citty, history was repeating itself, for Britain was in the same situation that she had been in after France was demolished in the Franco- Prussian war ofWhere she had then come under the wing of the Concert of Europe for a number of years until France could recover and [[46]] Japan and America could be groomed as running mates, she now used the League of Nations for a number of years, until the newly formed buffer states reached a state of greater maturity under governments favored and supported by International Finance.

No single event could strike so serious a blow as the loss of India.

The Empire of the City : The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Empire

Among the hundreds of new works on this subject perhaps the most outstanding is “America’s Strategy in World Politics,” by Nicholas J. The bank of England is controlled by a governor, deputy-governor and a court of 24 directors who are elected by the proprietors on the nomination of the directors The British had in the meantime grossly violated far more definite terms of more recent treaties again and again, as witness the complete disregard of the Convention of Madrid signed by 15 nations, in their agreement of April 8,with France, dividing all Africa with France.

Latane The Odyssey Press, Inc.


Nevertheless, this text is good addition empirw forming a better understanding of the structure of the society in which we find ourselves today. Towne that the treatment of “isolationists” has not changed in the 44 years that have passed; nor has British censorship and control over American dmpire of foreign news changed in the 65 years since Lieut.

The interest gleaned from the consorts since is probably near the sum of 4 quadrillion dollars.

Full text of “The Empire of the City of London EC Knuth British-Israel nwo illuminati freemasons”

During the period ofindicated in the foregoing tabulatioi as a period of ostensible confusion in national politics, the foreign powe: In the Conservatives were back in power and with them the period of incubation for the next world war was under way. Spykman ventures the opinion that Britain cannot permit a complete German defeat as that would leave th European continent in the grip of Russia; and that she cannot permit a full Japanese defeat as that would leave Asia in the grip of an awakened and revitalized China.

Usher stated in “Pan-Germanism” ofChapter X, pages and ; that an understanding was reached, probably before the summer ofthat in case of citt the United States would promptly declare in favor of England and France knuh would do her utmost to assist them; and that there seems to be no doubt whatever that no papers of any sort were signed.

All monies steadily flow back to the privately owned ‘Crown’ and its beneficiaries.

The Germans then withdrew from Manila fully aware that the established law and order of the Concert of Europe had been superseded by “The New Order of Freedom” of a now fully revealed British-French-American-Jap alliance, and that their commerce and trade in the Pacific was on the wane.

Isaiah Bowman, one of the American economic experts at the Peace Conference: The affairs of the Far East were now stabilized; in the opinion of some Englishmen for one hundred years to come; and all eyes turned to the new district of dissension in Africa. Russia at the outbreak of this war denounced the treaty of and rebuilt her Black Sea fleet and fortifications, and prepared to resume her offensive in the “Eastern Question,” thus undoing everything for which a million men had died a brief 15 years before.

As a result of the British subsidy, the first Duma, whose probable pro-German leanings were greatly feared, lasted only ten weeks from May 9 to June 22, This book is effectively a chronicle of a government within a government, and a history of its rise to dominate comprehensively over the empjre of humanity.

Within the City are located also the Stock Exchange and many institutions of world-wide scope. All these technical improvements, all the international mergers, the co-operation between governments and the industry bear an uncomfortable resemblance to the situation during the epoch preceding Farrell of the U. Thus the pact of the Pacific was extended to the Atlantic and our partnership in the British Balance of Power asserted in no uncertain terms.

Britain, as usual, made no immediate move; and six months and twelve days later, on January 27, citj, the defeat of France was utter and complete. It was done contrary to pledges solemnly given in the House of Commons. Ghoulish atrocities committed under that command of the Koran: At that time Turkey included much of what is now Jugo-Slavia, Greece, Roumania, Bulgaria, and northern Africa emppire to Tunis and it was a potent threat to further British expansion in the Mohammedan East.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power by E.C. Knuth

The traditional British explanation of their war aims, originated in her war with France for hegemony of the seas of the world, that it was not their intent to fight the French people — only to rid Europe of [[24]] the Scourge of Napoleon, bring peace to Europe and preserve the rights of nations; since repeated in war after war with a slight transposition of names, was not used in this instance.


As the Czar considered himself the protector of these Greek Orthodox Christians, this provided a constant cause of friction and [[18]] grievance, which together with the British and Turkish obstruction to the Russian pressure for free passage through the Porte, was known as “The Eastern Guestion;” and this situation overshadowed the power politics of Europe for almost three quarters of a century and formed the basis for a succession of bloody conflicts.

The modern dictators were the deliberate creations of international finance to plunge the world into that chaos out of which alone it would be possible to fashion ‘One World. There was, however, no more free speech; and the most amazing documented aspects of a vast secret world order of International Finance could find no hearing in a situation where some Congressmen denounced overwhelming Nationalist expression of views in their mail as mere organized subversion.

Ricardo marked it as to-read Nov 05, Gordon, to arrange for evacuation of British forces and British interests from the Egyptian Soudan. It would appear that this edition of this largely overlooked treatise, on the secretive international policies of the British government, and the history of its geopolitical power plays from roughly untilthat led it to rise to the top of a vast clandestine order of global finance, was published for public consumption as late as Every Russian diplomatic move and every Russian war for one hundred thirty years has been a part of a campaign, which has cost many millions of lives, to reach Constantinople and the Dardanelles.

Kieran Gangaram marked it as to-read Nov 05, In running through these works some amazing nuggets of information come to light here and there, which fitted together gradually unfold the stun- ning history and the legal structure of a sovereign world state located in the financial district of the loosely knit aggregation of buroughs and cities popularly known as the city of London.

It is to mix up in alien quarrels, which we have deprecated always and with special em- phasis of late, at precisely the time when by all indications they are about to fulminate in the most colossal and destructive war of modern times.

The theory of the Balance of Power was revived, every diplomatic conference was made a conflict between France and Great Britain on the one side and Germany on the other, and in the lives and the wealth of the British people were endangered, not to maintain any moral principle or any British interest, but to promote the material interests of French financiers in Morocco, page The United Nations Organization is a product of the same group, in fact many of the same men, and its purpose is precisely the same and to prepare for the inevitable World War III.