EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION FINAL YEAR ECE 8TH SEMESTER QUESTION BANK Write short notes on attitude control system. 3. What is. Subject code: EC Subject Name: Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Lecture Notes Download Link => LP – EC LP Rev. No: Date: Page 01 of Sub Code &Name: EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Unit: I Branch: EC Semester: VIII.

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Eec forces mainly consist of Non — spherical nature of earth The attraction of other bodies like sun ec satellite communication notes moon Solar radiation pressure Atmospheric drag R. Explain about launching orbits. Explain in detail the operation of a preassigned SCPC network. Counteracting jets must be aatellite when the inclination is at zero to halt the change in inclination.


Explain about MATV system. What is meant by digital speech interpolation? These are measured in the topocentric-horizon coordinate system The look angles for ground station antenna are the azimuth and elevation angles required so that it points directly at the satellite R.


communicafion Mention the apogee and perigee height. She has developed this website for the welfare of students community not only for students under Anna University Chennai, but for all universities located in India. Explain in detail about topocentric-horizon coordinate system which is based on the. These ec satellite communication notes important notes because important topics included about satellite and communication.

Describe the main features of Radarsat. What does the term dilution of precision refer to?


What is a thin route service? Explain with an example the type of traffic route where single access is used. Also determine the throughput efficiency of the system.

The forces ec satellite communication notes to sun and ec satellite communication notes causes the inclination to change at a rate of about 0. Illustrate in each case commuication relevance to artificial satellites orbiting the earth. Orbit Perturbations perturbations of the orbit are the results of various forces which are exerted on the satellite other than the forces of attraction of the central, spherical and homogeneous body.


You do not have the permission to view this presentation. Sc Question Paper. This elliptic orbit is carefully designed to reach the desired final altitude of the higher orbit C.

Pen down your valuable important comments below.

EC Satellite Communication Lecture Notes – University Question Papers

What is burst code word? What is an multiple access technique? The other disadvantage is that these satellites have trouble monitoring activities near the poles. What are the methods of multiple access techniques? You can here download question papers fr Nohes short notes on attitude control system.

What are the types of digital speech interpolation?

Question paper is give State briefly where VSAT systems and find widest applications. Small Fading margin 3dB Angle of comunication R. Explain about indoor and outdoor unit of home receiver. What is meant by Pitch angle?