EC Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Subject Code / Name: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING QUESTION BANK. B.E./ DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Eighth Semester Electronics and Communication Engineering EC /. EC MOBILE ADHOC NETWORKS. L T P C. 3 0 0 3. UNIT I. INTRODUCTION. 9. Introduction to adhoc networks – definition, characteristics features.

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Click here to sign up. All components within this system cooperate in providing the required services.

List the services provided by IEEE What are hybrid protocols? Considering the MSS of 1 KB, calculate the size of the congestion window for which the next three transmissions will be successful. Cross-layer feedback means interaction among the layers in the protocol netwrks. The distance covered is much smaller. The presence of dynamic and adaptive routing protocols enables quick formation of ad hoc networks and is suitable for emergency situations like natural disasters, spontaneous meetings or military conflicts.

EC Mobile Adhoc Networks Nov Dec Question Paper

Explain with an example. List some examples of table driven routing protocols. Network layer solution for QoS is used for 1. With any five major reasons, analyze why TCP is exposed to significant throughput degradation in ad hoc networks.


List the types of hybrid routing protocols. List the features of wireless LAN.

In BSS the client stations cannot communicate directly with one another. Differentiate an ad hoc network and a cellular network with respect to bandwidth usage and cost effectiveness. List the transmission impediments of wireless channel.

The frame format of IEEE The characteristics of wireless channel are 1. Define — Indoor Propagation Model Indoor propagation model mobike defined as the model which is used to characterize radio propagation inside the buildings.

What are not supported by the traditional TCP for handling Adhoc network? List any two needs of real- time MAC protocol. Explain the significance and design goals of transport layer protocol for adhoc network.

The approaches for Power aware routing are 1. Why does TCP not perform well in adhoc wireless network? List the challenges faced by WLAN industry. How are information symmetry and perceived collisions handled?

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The reasons that lead to the quick power drain of nodes in mobile Ad hoc network are a Using the same route for a longer duration leads to partitioning of the network. Small scale fading is used to describe the rapid fluctuation of the amplitude, phase or multipath delays of a radio signal over a short period of time or travel distance.


Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering, Chennai. Lower to upper layers: List the issues in designing a transport layer protocol for Ad hoc wireless networks. MANET is defined as an autonomous system of nodes or Mobile Stations also serving as routers connected by wireless links, the union that mkbile a communication networks, modeled in the form of an arbitrarily communication graph. What is the need for adhocc management in ad hoc network? Military applications and battlefields b.

How does energy aware routing work? Can establish ad hoc network of laptops. Reservation request phase 2.

State any four reasons that lead to the quick power drain of nodes in mobile ad hoc network.