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April 7, at It really brings out the narrow end.

The Ediety Knot | Awesome Knot

I released eriety knot years earlier in a pdf intentionally that it would not have copyright. Your email address will not be published.

It gained momentum when it was seen in the Matrix 2 being donned by the always-posh Merovingian, which is the name I prefer. Dropper Loop The dropper loop, also known as a dropper knot forms a secure structure This knot does not work with: I believe I purchased this tie a while ago while shopping in some department store. This knot needs more prep than most. Ediett looks like you put two ties together, like the idea….

So we kknot it would better if a pro explained it […]. The knot is important to show, the ends are important to hide. This knot is made to wear with a vest or a high buttoned suit jacket.

It will turn heads. Does it have anything to do with that dynasty?? I wear edietty tie to edietu a few times a week and I impress people with all of these ties. Thin — Medium Ties — Thinner fabric and thinner width cause less wrinkles. The jnot should end up identical to a double windsor knot. I have referred quite a few people to this site that were interested in these knots. This knot is very special, it looks tif if your tie is actually wearing a little miniature tie!


I am sorry that happened to you. Originally known as the Ediety knot it is a stylish necktie knot that looks as if your tie is wearing a smaller tie than itself. A jacket was absolutely necessary for this one. The Merovingian knot shot to fame after being sported by The Merovingian knog the Matrix series of movies though it has been in existence from much before.

However the inverted orientation does up the ante. This knot is definitely used as an eye catcher. Still no ties tried to contact them again they will not answer. I have received several similar complaints and I wish there was more I could do. Carrick Bend The Carrick bend is a powerful knot to join two heavy ropes, hawsers Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Articles Eldredge Knot.

Sometimes paisley really looks outstanding when layered this way. September 16, at 4: If you do nobody will doubt you about this tie! These ties are amazing. Dropper Loop Dropper Loop The dropper loop, also known as a dropper knot forms a secure structure I thought you should know I ordered ties from Ediety that never shipped.

You got screwed over by a dick on the internet. It is somewhat disorienting to tie it until you get the hang of it. Less is more, people. To get the extra long narrow end of the tie, I needed to choke up on this one which made the wide end of the tie much too short on my torso.


Merovingian (Ediety) Knot

How to Tie a Tie: Being a difficult one to tie, you need a lot of preparation before wearing it to any occasion. Note the spelling — ei.

Thicker Ties — Thick fabric and wide ties make this knot give the tie too many wrinkles and divits. Since I started wearing several of the knots seen on this site This one included I have gotten nothing but positive responses.

It has a medium material thickness and is pretty well proportioned for a big guy like me. Take after the Merovingian from the Matrix and wear it out to a nice dinner. Be it with a vest, cardigan, blazer, sport coat, or suit, you need to cover it up!

How to Tie a Merovingian or Ediety Necktie Knot | AGREEorDIE

Geezuz that has nothing to do with actual edeity. Feel free to contribute! At the time I worked with them they seemed to be reliable and legit. Striped Ties — Striped ties look great with the layered fabrics.

I hope to fix this eventually for my instructional video once I do those.