Model EJAA, EJAA and. EJAA this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to operate This manual should be passed on to the end user. User’s manual • Read online or download PDF • Yokogawa EJAA User Manual. View and Download YOKOGAWA EJAA user manual online. EJA Series Differential Pressure and Pressure Transmitters. EJAA Transmitter pdf manual.

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Model pressure regulator pressure pump Pressure range: Read carefully before using the transmitter.

U-bolt nut Mounting bracket U-bolt 50 mm 2-inch pipe Horizontal pipe mounting 4. When a shrouding bolts are driven —0.

Exercise care so as not to directly touch the electronic parts or circuit patterns on the board, for example, by preventing static electrification by using grounded wrist straps when handling the assembly. Do not touch the terminals while it is discharging.

The hardware error indicates faulty amplifier or capsule. Body; Material of cover flanges and process connectors. ESC key twice to F Yokogawa’s DOharp pressure transmitters offer long-term stability and diagnostics to make your maintenance routine easy.

User’s Manual Model EJA110A, EJA120A and EJA130A Differential

Note 4 Hastelloy C equiv. Please read the following sections very tester to the ground terminal. Mounting ejq110a L type U-bolt nut Transmitter mounting bolt a Select a storage area which meets the following conditions: To maintain proper sealing, wind sealing tape around the nipple threads.


In case the instrument is handled in contradiction to these instructions, Yokogawa does not guarantee safety. The user is permitted, however, to replace a 7 Clean the capsule assembly or replace with a new capsule assembly with another of the same one.

Tee Drain plug F In order to avoid confusion, unnecessary marking is crossed out manuao the label other than the selected type of protection when the transmitter is installed.

Enter text from picture: This manual also for: EPS enter the setting. Cautions for Flameproof Type Transmitters Users are prohibited by law from modifying the construction of a flameproof type transmitter. EPS in Figure 9. Check line pressure static pressure. Change mannual impulse line connection from high pressure on right to high pressure on left.

Yokogawa EJA110A User Manual

Unit setup for displayed static pressure P. Pressure Accessory – Vessel, Type of Fluid: Refer to Subsection 8. If it is not, the Exercise care as follows when cleaning the zero-adjustment mechanism will be damaged. M20 female, two electrical connections without blind plug Please use this instrument in the industrial environment only.

Eja1110a give your attention to the followings. Safety requirements also place restrictions on maintenance and repair activities. Press the OK key to release test output immediately.

If the transmitter is equipped with an integral indicator, refer to Subsection 9. When a shrouding bolt is driven clockwise by an Allen wrench, it is going in and cover lock is released, and then the cover can be opened. Liquid and Gas Group of Fluid: To ensure WARNING correct and efficient use of the instrument, please read this manual thoroughly and fully understand how to Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, eja110aa the instrument before operating it.


The voltage should be applied short as possible to verify that the insulation resistance is at least 20 M1.

YES Does the self-diagnostic indicate problem location? Change the unit for the temperature display. When water be used above bar and therefore considered as hammer is to be occurred, please take mea- a part of a pressure retaining vessel where category sures to prevent the pressure from exceeding lll, Module H applies.

The calibration instruments should be handled carefully so as to maintain manuaal specified accuracy.


Tag number 16 alphanumerics As specified when ordered. EPS conditioned, and the output is limited with these upper and lower values.

An integral indicator can be installed in the following three directions. LRV and URV can be specified with range value specifications up to 5 digits excluding any decimal point within the range of — to