El cerco de Numancia, también titulada La destrucción de Numancia, escenifica el tema patriótico del sacrificio colectivo ante el asedio del general Escipión. Numancia (c), Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Notable variations on Spanish title: El cerco de Numancia, Numancia, La Numancia, La destrucción de . Numancia o Comedia del cerco de Numancia o La Numancia. Son oportunas las En la obra de Cervantes el destino trágico de la tierra es insepa- rable del.

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The town of Numancia refuses to be conquered by the Roman general Scipio Africanus.

Rather than be enslaved or starve to death in the siege, they commit mass suicide, even down to the last child who bravely gives his life for xe glory of Numancia. A condemnation of war and a testament to human bravery in the face of certain death, many believe this play to be the best of those attributed to Cervantes.

The Siege of Numantia – Wikipedia

Those who did not starve burnt all their possessions and committed mass suicide, so that the Romans would gain nothing of their wealth or themselves as slaves. The poignancy of this play lies in the bravery of the Numantians in the face of certain death.


The Numantian soldiers want to rush out and face the Romans who vastly outnumber them head on, but the women, holding babies, beg the men not to abandon them to the lustful Roman soldiers, or allow their children to be enslaved. After the traumatic destruction of the town by their own hands, the Romans send a scout up a ladder to see what has happened, and they find them all dead.

The boy, in a profound display of strength and valour, declares himself unconquerable by the Romans, and forever true to the people of Numancia, before he throws himself off the tower to his death. Cdrvantes sources for Cervantes are:. These are taken from Cervantes Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de.

El cerco de Numancia, ed. Some critics say the play would be difficult to stage for the personified characters Fame, Spain, Hunger, etc. For a survey of Numancia critics see Cervantes Madrid, Castalia in Spanish.

Cervantes mentions nimancia the prologue to his Ocho comedias y dee entremeses that this play was performed so we date its first performance as beforeprobably between and French-language adaptations have also been popular: Avalle Arce, Juan Bautista, La Numancia de Cervantes.


Bulletin of Hispanic Studies84, The ambivalence of imperial discourse: Cervantes’s La Numancia within the ‘lost generation’ of Spanish drama Two dramatic contextualizations of the union of Spain and Portugal: Javier Huerta Calvo, pp.

Madrid, Gredos in Spanish. In Theatre in Spainpp.

La Numancia

For Juan del Encina see p. For La Numancia see pp. Similar plays are automatically suggested by our system based on similar fields csrco as genres and types or keywords.

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