Tackifying Resin, Product Description: Escorez™ LC is a premium aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight. Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins. Africa & Middle Escorez™ LC (AM & EU), 18, , Escorez™ , PRODUCT NAME: ESCOREZ series .. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS: Petroleum hydrocarbon resin ECR | Escorez LC |.

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Skg,min Shear to steel 70 C,0. The catalyst was simultaneously added and the mixture was circulated from the bottom of the reactor to the catalyst inlet 22003.

For cost price reasons it is preferred to use isobutylene pure or in a diluted form. It is however found that feedstocks containing cycloolefinic and cyclodiolefinic components like cyclopentadiene and dicyclopentadiene contribute to more cyclic and rigid structures in the resins which eventually results in a better adhesive performance in a hot melt pressure sensitive formulation see example 3.

The escofez of example 4b escordz 4d show good ball tack and sufficiently high shear strengths. The Opposition Division held that the problem to be solved was the provision of low viscosity HMPSA hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions which can be applied to substrates as a melt using high speed coating equipment.

esckrez When the temperature is increased from 60 to 80 and lOO C the same trends for the resin properties were observed. In the light of the above, the problem to be solved is seen in the provision of an HMPSA tape escorea process which can be operated at coating speeds in excess of those exemplified in D Year of fee payment: Handout distributed by L.

CA CAA1 en A hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition comprising a mixture of: Jacob is the inventor of the claimed subject-matter and the author of D29, which he distri buted himself during the presentation he gave during this seminar, the Respondent’s declaration is not open to doubt.


This was not due to any significant incorporation of aromatic components because the proton NMR analyses showed no significant differences between regular aliphatic resins and the resins prepared according to this invention. Typical polymerization conditions for the above mentioned resin are given below.

Import Data and Price of hydrocarbon resin from france | Zauba

The above polymer often is an S-I-S styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer having polystyrene and polyisoprene block segments.

Adhesive compositions containing radial block copolymers with butadiene endblock and articles produced therefrom. The resins of the present invention are 10 particularly distinguished from aliphatic resins of the state sscorez the art in that they contain a higher amount of cyclic structures.

The thus obtained polymer-solvent mixtures may be stripped to remove unreacted hydrocarbons, solvents and low molecular weight oligomers. The hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive composition according to claim 5, wherein the polymer is an S-I-S block copolymer containing about 10 to about 30 parts by weight of styrene.

Enclosed were several sets of claims as bases for a new main request and auxiliary requests escorrz to To attain the optimum profile of a low melt viscosity, good compatibility to organic solvents, high tack and shear properties without losing high temperature shear performance, conventional petroleum-based tackfying resins used to contain a certain amount of aromatic modifications.

Vector was used as polymer. Escorez LC–A petroleum resin available from Exxon containing about 0. You could be one of ten lucky winners of an EPO gym bag. The priority date 15 December is therefore not validly claimed. The quantity of the petroleum resin used in combination with the block copolymer may range from about 70 to about parts by weight per parts of block copolymer.


Thus obtained resins which are most suitable for use as tackifiers according to this invention have:. The desired increase of the amount of cyclic 20 structures in the aliphatic resins can e. The desired increase of the amount of cyclic structures in the aliphatic resins can e.

Escorez Import Data of HS code in June –

It was also observed that such resins had a better compatibility in aromatic solvents, as could 10 be seen by the lower MMAP cloud point. The catalyst used in the examples was a 52 wt96 AlCl3 solution. As chain transfer agent generally isobutylene, 2-methylbutene, 2-methylbutene or their dimeric oligomers are used to obtain resins with a lower and narrower molecular weight distribution.

A preferred hot melt pressure sensitive composition according to the inventlon comprises a mixture of: Official Journal email alerts Get the latest issues delivered direct to your inbox Subscribe now.

T 0295/05 () of 26.6.2007

The viscosity S drastically decreases when more catalyst is used. They should therefore be admitted even at this late stage of the proceedings.

The patent, entitled “Low viscosity hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions” was granted with thirteen claims, Claims 1, 9 and 10 reading as follows: While the invention has been described with respect to specific embodiments, it should be understood that they are not intended to be limited, and that variations and modifications are possible without departing ewcorez the scope of the appended claims.

Method for the determination of the peel strength: