Do you also find the manufactures manual confusing? Use this quick-start guide! It’s easier than going through their website Help, I can not find my user manual for my older FlyCamOne camera. If anyone has the pdf I’d like to get a copy. (Why didn’t they put the user. Does anyone know of a good (perhaps second party) manual or instructions for the ACME FlyCamOne-2 video unit? The one that comes with.

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Your co-operation is vital to ensure fljcamone success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment. When stopping the engine, also the camera will close the file and shut down.

The pendulum function can be locked – but is mandatory when fixed to a sport kite Kite Surfing. Which part of building a new traditional balsa aeroplane do you enjoy the most? Aerial Photography Discuss all aerial photography topics as they relate to rc aircraft.

The mount is ‘active’ and has a servo cable input socket. Furthermore ACME will not guarantee the content in case the recording or saving is not working properly.

Exchange the frame set Individualizise your Cam!

FC — This mode will come with next update. The camera itself is mounted on a swivel head and attached by a ribbon cable, manuwl it to be mounted external to your project while keeping the control board out of harm’s way.


The following errors occurred with your submission.

FlyCamOne eco V2

Bind the camera and LinX by pressing both head control buttons on the camera first and then by pressing the same flycamonr on the sender. If yours didn’t come with the carrier with mirror, shown on the last page of the manual, and you need one, enables forward view with camera “edge-on, lower drag I have spare one.

Navigating through the modes using the bi-color LED on the board can be a little confusing at maunal because the guide printed on the sticker seems to have “ready” and “record” backwards. The focus of the tiny lens is much better than version one, and the video is noticeably sharper. Multiplex TwinStar II onwards by aidan mcatamney.

ACME FlyCamOne Manuals

To connect the camera with the LinX handsender, press both head control buttons at once — first on the camera, then on the LinX. Then get a hold of them flyca,one see if they can help you! Video recording When switching on the camera you can start recording immediately pressing the “Start” button.

Flycamonf resolution is twice that of version one, meaning that frames and photos are four times the size. You need to download the manual from www. Also, there are several languages on each page.

ACME FlyCamOne HD p Technical data |

A copy of the original declaration of conformity can be obtained at the address above. That was couple months ago. In my opinion the most interesting addition is the ability to take x still frames every three seconds while flying.


Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The result was remarkably good given the watery winter light and the very low sun angle. I was not disappointed. When the light is green, you’re on standby, when it’s red, you’re recording.

Do not switch off or take out the battery before the recording has been stopped or as long there is access to the memory, indicated by a rotating circle. In the picture above the status is VR Video record You are able to switch between camera modes with the top button, and start filming with the trigger button. Now you can use the camera – note that you need a microphone for audio transmission. To stop press the button again.

I did leave it connected to the PC overnight sometimes. Successful connection is shown by a blue LED on the camera. The cam automatically switches in the fixed zoom position then.

I don’t recall doing anything rough to this camera At take off the side panels.