The Forty Days of Musa Dagh has ratings and reviews. Ted said: Read this book about 40 years ago. I remember that it was a fascinating, though. I bought a worn copy of The Forty Days of Musa Dagh for $ from a walkup used bookstore in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the old glory of American fishing . ‘Musa Dagh stood beyond the world. No storm would reach it, even if one should break’. It is and Gabriel has returned to his childhood.

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View all 3 comments. View all 15 comments. Its author is a Jew. Views Read Edit View history. In conclusione, un romanzo importante per quel che dice, per la memoria che ha certamente aiutato a preservare daya tramandare, datato nell’impostazione, datato nella traduzione, pieno di momenti meravigliosi alternati a lunghe e francamente futili digressioni.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh – Wikipedia

Jebel Musa or Gebel-MoussaFrench: Characters who will figure in the defense of the mountain also come into more relief, such as the loner and Ottoman Army deserter Sarkis Kilikian who suffered the loss of his entire family during the pogrom-like Hamidian massacres and the former drillmaster, Chaush Nurhan.

Eberhard Count Wolffskeel von Reichenberg: Franz Werfel, already a famous poet and well-known author, touring the Middle East in with his new wife, Alma Mahler, encountered pathetic Armenian refugee children. It is unclear to what extent German officers, namely Eberhard Count Wolffskeel von Reichenbergwere involved in these actions.

Werfel’s tale explores the entirety of the Anatolia What a ride old Master Werfel has taken me along on.

He died in California in Frankfurt pf Mainp. A review of the historical evidence of German complicityWatertown It is amazing forry me that this first holocaust of the 20th Century was penned by a German injust as Hitler was coming to power. Talaat Pasha David Mauro A long passage left out of the first English translation. Trivia Was first scheduled to be filmed by MGM in daggh, but production was cancelled after pressure from the Turkish government through the Gorty.


Retrieved from ” https: The author brings the story to the human level with a superb cast of characters. The miserable sight of some maimed and famished-looking refugee children, working in a carpet factory, gave me the final impulse to snatch from the Hades of all that was, this incomprehensible destiny of the Armenian nation. He returned to his home village located at the foot of the Musa Dagh massif.

The remainder of Book One describes which Armenians decide on resistance and which on cooperating with the deportation order. Retrieved April 29, The story involves an Armenian, Gabriel Bagradian, who has returned to his family home in Syria from years of living in France, He is accompanied by his French wife, Juliette, and French-born son, Stephan.

This text is licensed under: It gives us the lasting sense of participation in a stirring episode of history. Use the HTML below. Forty Days will invade your senses and keep the blood pounding.

Werfel’s account of the French navy’s role in the evacuation of Musa Kf in September is based on official French diplomatic and naval archives that he secured through contacts at the French embassy in Vienna.

This stirring, poignant novel, based on real historical events that made of actual people true heroes, unfolds the tragedy that befell the Armenian people in the dark year of Musa Dagh is a mountain on the Syrian coast where seven Armenian villages of maybe 5, od made a last stand against the Ottoman Empire’ s Armenian genocide during WW 1.

Aug 11, Bank rated it it was amazing. See also Kerr, Stanley E.: Fino al cedimento dei nervi di fronte alla risoluzione positiva dopo 40 giorni di tensione. Hitler’s destruction of Xagh Jewry used the same insidious approachonly took full advantage of advances in communication and the science of killing.


The backstage of the Armenian genocide are presented very clearly so that it fogty impossible to deny it as a historical fact.

A communal society is established, despite the objections of the propertied class. The Wiki article on the Armenian Genocide makes it clear that considerable information about the events in Turkey had become available almost contemporaneously with the events; newspaper reports had been published in the New York Times in andfor example, and Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

Some prepare a darkened room, some seek solace in the arms of another, lf just keep on keepin’ on.

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh

Gli abitanti del villaggio sono rappresentati come irritanti, sciocchi, stupidi ed egoisti, e descritti con copioso dayz di stereotipi gli occhioni degli armeni su tutto. Edit Did You Know? When publishedWerfel was living in Austria as Hitler rose to power and most literary critics then and Musa Dagh vays a mountain on the Syrian coast where seven Armenian villages of maybe 5, people made a last stand against the Ottoman Empire’ s Armenian genocide during WW 1.

The Great Game of Genocide. Watertown, Massachusettsp. When Hitler ordered his death units to “exterminate without mercy or pity men, women, and children belonging to the Polish-speaking race,” he was confident that the world would overlook the mass murder.

Photo by Carl Van Or.

I would advocate ’40 Days’ be required reading everywhere, but the terribly low exposure the genocide and ordeal of the Armenians have received renders my plea quite ridiculous.