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This calculator does not contain any main pplus when you purchase it. Be sure to perform the following procedure to load batteries, reset the calculator, and adjust the contrast before trying to use the calculator for the first maunal. Press If the Main Menu shown to the right is not on the display, press the P button on the back of the calculator to perform memory reset. Use the cursor keys to select the CONT icon and press or simply press to display the contrast adjustment screen.

Never try to take it apart. Contents Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted Using the Main Menu Selecting Value Display Modes General graph settings SET Connecting the Unit with a Personal Computer Before Performing a Data Communication Operation Performing a Data Transfer Operation Contents Chapter 10 Program Library The symbols in this manual indicate the following messages. Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 1. Using the Main Menu The main menu appears on the display whenever you fx-7400h on the calculator.

It con- tains a number of icons that let you select the mode work area for the type of mnaual you want to perform.


Press m to display the Main Menu. Use d, e, pluus, and c to move the highlighting to the RUN icon. Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 2.

Key Table Alpha Lock Normally, once you press a and then a key to input an alphabetic char- acter, the llus reverts to its primary functions immediately.

Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 3. The func- tions marked on the keyboard are color coded to help you find the one you need quickly and easily. Function Key Operation The following describes the color coding used for key markings. Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 2. Specifies degrees as default. Specifies grads as default. Other menus for set up Display, Simplfy, Frac are described in each applicable section of this manual as they come up.

Selecting executes the DRAW command. Values that exceed this limit are automatically converted to and displayed in exponential format. You can specify one of two different ranges for automatic changeover to exponential display.


CASIO FX-7400G PLUS User Manual

Getting Acquainted Chapter 1 k k k k k Special Display Formats This calculator uses special display formats to indicate fractions, and sexagesimal values.

Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted 7. When you keep having problems… If you keep having problems when you are trying to perform manuxl, try the fol- lowing before assuming that there is something wrong with the calculator. Chapter Basic Calculations In the RUN Mode you can perform arithmetic calculations addi- tion, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as calculations in- volving scientific functions.

Addition and Subtraction 2. Quotient and Remainder Division 5. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations 1. Addition and Subtraction Example 6. You cannot use expressions such as 2 or sin60 because their results have a decimal part.

Basic Calculations Chapter 2 2 Parentheses Calculation Priority Sequence Expressions enclosed inside parentheses are always given priority in a calculation.

Basic Calculations Chapter 2 3 Replay While the result of a calculation is on the display, you can use d and e to move the cursor to any position within the expression used to produce the result.

This means you can back up and correct mistakes without having to input the entire calculation. You can also recall past calculations you have already cleared by pressing A. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations d You could also press e.

Manal below for details on making corrections. After you edit the calculation, you can execute it by pressing w, or use e to move to the end of the calculation and input more.

To abort the insert opera- tion without inputting anything, move the cursor, press! Basic Calculations Chapter 2 8. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations Example To convert the result of the previous example to a decimal and then back to a fraction u u u u u To convert between proper and improper fractions Operation Mixed Fraction to Improper Fraction Conversion: Basic Calculations Chapter 2 3 Changing the Fraction Simplification Mode The mabual default of the calculator is automatic simplification of fractions produced by fraction calculations.

You can use the following operation to change the fraction simplification mode to manual. Repeat the above operation to simplify again. Basic Calculations Chapter 2 9. Selecting Value Display Modes You can make specifications for three value display modes. Fix Mode This mode lets you specify the number of decimal places to be displayed.

Sci Mode This mode lets you specify the number of significant digits to be displayed. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations u u u u u To specify the number of significant digits Sci plis. While the ,anual screen is on the display, press 2 Sci.

Press the function key that corresponds to the number of significant digits you want to set 0 to 9. What is the decimal part of K[1 NUM 0. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations k k k k k Calculation Priority Sequence The calculation priority sequence is the order that the calculator performs opera- tions.


Note the following rules about calculation priority sequence. You can resume execution by pressing the w key. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations k k k k k Errors An error message appears on the display and calculation stops whenever the calcu- lator detects some problem. Press A to clear the error message. The following is a list of all the error messages and what they mean.

You manuql also see how many bytes of memory are still available for mabual. Chapter 2 Basic Calculations 2. Basic Calculations Chapter 2 1 Xmin. Minimum of T 2 Manusl.

Chapter 2 Basic Calculations The following menu appears whenever you press 1 Xwhile the statistical data menu is on the display. Statistical graph regression coefficient and multinomial coeffi- cients Statistical graph correlation coefficient 1 Q Chapter 2 Basic Calculations Input a storage area number and then press one of the following function keys to recall the corresponding graph function stored in that storage area.

Rectangular coordinate or inequality function 2 Xt Parametric graph function Xt 3 Yt Differential Calculations Chapter 3 This average, which is called p,us central differenceis expressed as: This calculator is capable of drawing the following types of graphs. Chapter 4 Graphing 1.

When you do, the Graph Function G-Func menu appears on the display. You can use this menu to store, edit, and recall functions and to draw their graphs. Graphing Chapter 4 2.

Casio FX-7400G PLUS User Manual

Input a value for a parameter and press w. The calculator automatically selects the next parameter for input.

Minimum -axis value Ymax Chapter 4 Graphing 4. To exit the View Window, press Q. Values greater than 10 less than 10are automatically converted to a 4-digit mantissa including nega- tive sign plus a 2-digit exponent.


Graphing Chapter 4 b. Chapter 4 Graphing 3. Graph Function Operations You can store up to 10 functions in memory. Functions in memory can be edited, recalled, and graphed. The types of functions fx-74000g can be stored in memory are: Select another area to store your expression or delete the existing parametric function first.

This also applies when storing inequalities. Chapter 4 Graphing k k k k k Editing Functions in Memory u u u u u To edit a function in memory Example To change the expression in memory area Y1 from — 5 — 3 Displays cursor. Stores new graph function. Graphing Chapter 4 Use the following View Window parameters.