K. GALINSKY: Augustan Culture. an Interpretive Introduction. + , 6 pls, ills . Princeton: Princeton University Press, Cased, $/? Buy Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction New Ed by Karl Galinsky ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . With Augustan Culture, Karl Galinsky has offered the most important single volume about the Augustan period since Zanker’s Power of Images. Galinsky’s.

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Galinsky now discusses each poet individually. Horace “carries on a creative dialogue with the Augustan milieu” It is a grim fact that Augustus exiled Ovid, and that he ordered the execution of many.

He could have also mentioned the ancilia that were said to have dropped from heaven during the reign of Numa and in Aen. Echos du monde classique: Chapter 3 instantiates these “ideas, ideals and values” from the virtues of the clipeus virtutis. This is also the very myth described by Virgil as being on the baldric of Turnus Aen.

Princeton University Press, Citing a number of ancient sources that establish a connection between moral akgustan and imperialistic ambition, Galinsky justifies Augustus in his donning of the mantle of world dominator Aug 18, Phil rated it it auugustan amazing Shelves: Recent criticism has shown us that perhaps a agustan way to read Livy is to consider him as a literary figure in his own right. Throughout the east, Octavian resisted the idea that he should himself be referred to as theos; rather, he allowed shrines to be set up to himself only by non-citizens and only when his person was specifically linked to the goddess Roma.


Freedom was the price that had to be paid for the pax Augusta, a valuable commodity indeed, but also a high price.

Galinsky offers a perceptive comparison of cultufe silver bowl with the nearly contemporary Metamorphoses. Galinsky believes in Augustus.

While these associations had formerly fomented social disturbance, through Augustus’ agency they became “outlets for social stability” Since Galinsky decides not to consider Ovidian elegy, I am able to agree culturee the elegy that G.

I auguxtan glad therefore to pick the book back up and read it through more carefully and with attention to how certain passages can be made useful for school age learners. That aside, however, Galinsky certainly does a good job of interpreting Augustus’ reforms in the best light possible.

That temple in particular had been, with the portico that surrounded it, a kind of mini-museum of Greek art that continued to flow into the city as Roman generals brought home various objets d’art among the spoils of war. The figure of Aeneas on the altar clearly corresponds to the Aeneas of the Ara Pacis.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Vengeance and killing may have been a feature of this story and of the Roman psyche, but mercy is also a part, perhaps the most striking part, of this tale, as well. This bound Apollo to the remote ancestors of the Latins cf.

Jack Wheeler rated it really liked it Apr 08, Livvii Edwards rated it really liked it Jan 27, Want to Read saving…. But Galinsky is nevertheless discerning on this point, denying that the figure is “simply a blank check that can be filled in as one wishes.

Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction by Karl Galinsky

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the opening chapter Galinsky also sets up a useful distinction between two types of leader: Galinsky’s articulation of the polysemous facets of Augustan portraiture — e. I would like to have seen G. I find this thesis interesting because we also see this kind of “reverse psychology” in Augustus’ dealings with the Roman Senate.


In the third chapter Galinsky sets out to discuss a number of “circumstantial” pieces of evidence for the ingenuity and vitality of the Augustan settlement. Jim Westcot rated it it was amazing Nov 29, As one finds in Augustan poetry, the ‘sign’ is resurrected, redeployed, and reinvested with new associations.

But in the Greek east it was the emperor himself, rather than merely his aura, that was divine.

Augustan Culture: An Interpretive Introduction

Galinsky considers also the frescoes from Augustus’ famous “Syracuse” sc. I differ from G.

While I am not sure that there is any wholly satisfactory explanation for the simultaneous flourishing of Virgil, Horace, Propertius, et al. Daniel rated it really liked it Apr 01, He notes that one cannot doubt but that Octavian rose to power because he wanted to rule.

Tom Shields rated it really liked it Jun 14, Yalinsky brotherhood of cultivation was reorganized by Augustus, who significantly elevated its status. This abets, or perhaps even creates, a dynamic between the poet and reader. The leaders in the imperial cult of Augustales consisted largely of wealthy freedmen, and included women, as the evidence of several altars suggest Paperbackpages.

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